Furious Eurovision fans claim 'sabotage' after Olly Alexander suffers setback

British singer Oliver Alexander Thornton aka Olly Alexander representing the United Kingdom with the song "Dizzy" performs during the final of the 68th Eurovision Song Contest
There was a furious fan reaction when viewers blamed the Eurovision Song Contest for "sabotaging" the UK's entry -Credit:TT NEWS AGENCY/AFP via Getty Ima

There was a furious fan reaction when viewers blamed the Eurovision Song Contest for "sabotaging" the UK's entry Olly Alexander.

Despite delivering a fiery performance of his bop Dizzy, alongside some steamy backup dancers, poor Olly didn't receive any points from the public. Meanwhile, Nemo clinched the prestigious 68th Eurovision Song Contest title with their single The Code, which beautifully charts their journey into accepting a non-binary identity.

Fans of the contest took to Twitter to express their disbelief and to complain that Olly was robbed of his deserved recognition. Twitter user @DeannaDarby voiced her shock: "I'm sorry but @alexander_olly definitely didn't deserve 0 votes from the public just wow. #Eurovision2024."

@EmiliaKettle posted: "Olly Alexander did an amazing job representing the UK! #Eurovision2024," reports the Express. @MarkySciFi1980 shared his views, tweeting: "Well that's awful and disgusting he deserved better really 0 points your having a laugh. Be proud Olly we love you."

@Olas76 was upset, sharing: "OLLY ALEXANDER DID NOT DESERVE THAT! #Eurovision2024." Lastly, @Espabila chimed in, saying: "I think @alexander_olly performance was well ahead of its time and I'm not sure people understood it. It was nevertheless impressive. Well done!"

Additionally, there were gripes about the sound quality during Olly's performance, which further stoked the anger of fans. Some viewers quickly noticed that the sound quality wasn't up to standard, with some speculating that it was deliberate. At one point Olly was seen touching his earpiece.

"What is wrong with the sound suddenly #EUROVISION sabotage" one wrote. Another commented: "Hmm why is the sound different for #ollyalexander #uk ? ? ? #Eurovision2024 #eurovision." A third added: "Great staging, but terrible sound production. #Eurovision #UK" one wrote.

This isn't the first time Olly had issues with sound during one of his Eurovision performances after semi-final viewers complained the sound was muffled and they couldn't hear him properly. He also suffered a setback when his mic pack fell out and he had to carry it through his performance.

After the backlash, he took to Instagram to talk about the difficulties he faced during his performance. Olly explained: "Eurovision update! Semi-final one was last night. I performed, it was good. My mic pack fell out halfway through the performance so I had to catch it and it just kind of threw me off. That is the thrill of live music, live television, anything can happen."