Davina McCall, 52, says she still feels 'attractive' despite 'cellulite and loose skin from having kids'

Davina McCall has opened up about body confidence as a mum [Image: Getty]
Davina McCall has opened up about body confidence as a mum [Image: Getty]

She’s long been admired for her toned figure, honed by a passion for fitness.

But Davina McCall, 52, has pointed out in a new magazine interview that her body is not perfect - with cellulite and “loose skin from having babies” - but she still feels “attractive”.

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday’s You magazine, the presenter, when asked about her body confidence, replied: “I’ve got cellulite.

“I have loose skin from having babies.

“But I’m still going to wear great underwear because I’m old enough not to care.

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“What makes you attractive is to get to the point where you actually feel comfortable in your own skin, however old that skin is.”

The mum-of-three - who is launching her own lingerie line - said: “Most underwear models are in their 20s or 30s because women suddenly become invisible after 40. But why should we be?

“Who has decided you should no longer feel desirable?

“I own my sexuality and it’s about time a range of pretty, sexy underwear was made for older women.”

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It comes as Davina - who is on the judging panel for new ITV show The Masked Singer - wowed her fans on Instagram with an incredible ten-day body transformation.

The TV star revealed to her 1.1m followers how she had embarked on a festive health kick while on holiday in Australia.

In addition to running, Pilates and short workouts from her Own Your Goals Davina website, she had also been trying to avoid snacking between meals.

She showed off the “toned up” results - which include have left her feeling “heaps better” - by sharing two pictures of herself online, taken just over a week apart, wearing the same grey bandeau bikini.

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Captioning the post, Davina wrote: “So, been in Australia for a couple of weeks.

“Had really been struggling to find the time and motivation to train at the end of the year (Everyone lets loose at Christmas) but decided to throw myself back into it while I was here.

“These pictures were taken 10 days apart, I know I’m standing differently but I’ve toned up and I feel heaps better already.

“I’ve done a bit of running A bit of Pilates ( loving it) and the new short workouts on the @oygdavina website every day (bar two day break at Xmas).

“I’ve stopped picking in between meals.

“Good for my body. Good for my noggin.”

The contrast between the ‘before’ and ‘after’ images - which received 39.5k ‘likes’ - generated a great deal of praise.

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