Davina McCall wows with amazing 10-day body transformation in same bikini while on holiday

Davina McCall has wowed Instagram fans with bikini pictures taken ten days apart [Image: Getty]
Davina McCall has wowed Instagram fans with bikini pictures taken ten days apart [Image: Getty]

She’s already famed for her ageless physique thanks to a long-standing passion for fitness.

Now, Davina McCall has amazed Instagram fans once more with an incredible ten-day body transformation.

The TV star, 52, revealed to her 1.1m followers how she had embarked on a festive health kick while on holiday in Australia.

In addition to running, Pilates and short workouts from her Own Your Goals Davina website, she had also been trying to avoid snacking between meals.

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Davina showed off the “toned up” results - which include have left her feeling “heaps better” - by sharing two pictures of herself online, taken just over a week apart, wearing the same grey bandeau bikini.

Captioning the post, the mum-of-three wrote: “So, been in Australia for a couple of weeks.

“Had really been struggling to find the time and motivation to train at the end of the year (Everyone lets loose at Christmas) but decided to throw myself back into it while I was here.

“These pictures were taken 10 days apart, I know I’m standing differently but I’ve toned up and I feel heaps better already.

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“I’ve done a bit of running A bit of Pilates ( loving it) and the new short workouts on the @oygdavina website every day (bar two day break at Xmas).

“I’ve stopped picking in between meals.

“Good for my body. Good for my noggin.”

The contrast between the ‘before’ and ‘after’ images - which received 39.5k ‘likes’ - generated a great deal of praise.

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One person wrote: “You look incredible.”

Another commented: “I have just over a month til my 50th so it gives me hope that I can do something!”

A third shared: “Davina you are gorgeous.

“Women are sexy in all shapes and sizes but for us older ladies who struggle a bit, you give me hope.”

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And a fourth added: “You look absolutely amazing Davina.”

Meanwhile, a fifth posted: “You look absolutely beautiful in both pictures!!

“But know how you feel, running helps me physically and mentally!! Looking superb and all the best for 2020.”

In October, the presenter’s personal trainer Sarah Grant revealed to Women’s Health UK that the star usually works out six times a week for 45 to 60 minutes a time.

The PT revealed that she is a fan of boxing, HIIT, barre, spinning, yoga and running.

To fuel her workouts, the ex-Big Brother host consumes whole grain carbs, limits processed food and plans her meals in advance.

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