David and Georgia Tennant's rare photos of children during Pride celebrations bring fans to tears

Spliy image of David Tennant holding a Pride Progress flag and his children

Doctor Who star David Tennant and his wife Georgia earned mass praise from their followers thanks to their advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community this week.

The 53-year-old actor and long-term love Georgia, 39, posted a series of photos of their children Wilfred, ten, Doris, eight, and Birdie, four, dressed to the nines for their school's Pride celebrations, looking adorable in rainbow-hued clothing with glitter adorning their hair.

The couple – who also raise children Olive, 12, Birdie, four, and Georgia's eldest child Ty, 22, from a past relationship – have long been vocal about LGBTQ+ rights, and David made his opinion loud and clear when he posed in a transgender rights T-shirt, holding a Progress Pride flag in one hand.

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The tee, which boasted the slogan 'You Will Have To Go Through Me', cemented his position as an ally to the transgender community thanks to its statement of defiance against those who seek to harm and discriminate against trans individuals.

David and Georgia Tennant's child Wilfred dressed for Pride Month
David and Georgia Tennant's child Wilfred was dressed to impress for Pride Month (Instagram)

The photos of the family's celebrations moved fans, who flocked to the comments section to express their joy at how much it means to see the Doctor Who legends (actress Georgia is the daughter of former Time Lord, Peter Davison) being so open in their advocacy.

One fan shared: "I know y’all have a non-binary kiddo, but it still means a lot that y’all are so vocal in your support of the community; y’all could just be private about your support. It’s tough being queer and seeing y’all be so out there with your support makes me feel a little better. Also, David not giving af about how masculine he’s acting or looking has helped with 20 years of not feeling masculine enough, which is miserable for a trans guy."

David and Georgia Tennant's daughter Doris holding Pride paraphenalia
Daughter Doris was also pictured in the Pride rainbow colours (Instagram)

Another penned: "I can’t tell you how much it means to me to know the doctor supports and accept me," while a third commented: "I can't begin to tell you how much your public advocacy means at a time when the government are considering banning schools from discussing gender identity. As a mum of a nonbinary kiddo, it is everything. Love to all of you."

As for the T-shirt, the designer took to Instagram to express their endless gratitude for David's "life-changing" move of solidarity.

David Tennant wearing transgender rights T-shirt while holding Progress Pride flag
David proudly wearing a transgender rights T-shirt while holding a Progress Pride flag left fans emotional (Instagram)

"If David ever sees this, today has been life-changing. I'm a trans dude in London Ontario and the creator of the shirt that David is wearing. Your visibility has changed my life today in ways you'll never understand. If you ever need or want to know what $15k worth of t-shirts looks like, it's a lot," they wrote."Today, I sold shirts in UK, US, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, Ireland, Germany, Norway, Australia, Japan, and I'm sure I'm forgetting more. I have a lot of shipping to do and nothing the orders have not slowed down yet.

"The profits from these shirts fund a scholarship for trans youth and I cannot tell you how incredible it feels that today, we funded the scholarship several times over. Thank you so so so much."

Georgia Tennant wearing a Pride T-shirt
Georgia was also pictured wearing a Pride T-shirt (Instagram)

Broadchurch star David and Georgia got together in 2011 after meeting on the set of Doctor Who during an episode in which she played his daughter.

They live with their five children in a beautiful West London home, and often share snippets of their family life with fans – although Georgia preserves her younger children's privacy by not sharing their faces online.

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As for her eldest son Ty, he is following in his thespian parents' footsteps with roles in War of the Worlds and House of the Dragon.