Dating terms you need to know for 2020 - including Fleabagging and Cause-Playing

Dating terms for 2020 include Fleabagging and Cause-Playing [Image: Getty]
Dating terms for 2020 include Fleabagging and Cause-Playing [Image: Getty]

In recent months we’ve been introduced to ‘dogfishing’ and ‘paperclipping’.

But the bizarre new dating terms show no sign of stopping in the new year.

Match-making app Plenty Of Fish have revealed the romantic pitfalls to beware come 2020.

They include ‘Fleabagging’, inspired by Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s iconic character, where you consistently date people who are unsuitable for you.

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According to the dating site, 63 per cent of women have admitted to getting into this bad habit, while 38 per cent of men have been guilty.

Then there’s ‘Dial Toning’ which is similar to ghosting - but actually very different.

It’s where someone gives you their number to text them, but when you do, they never respond.

Another cruel phenomenon - and one that is mostly affecting singletons in their early 40s - is getting back in touch with an ex to ask for a favour.

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Known as ‘Cause-Playing’, it’s usually to ask that former flame to donate to something charity-related, like a marathon, and more often than not involves a Just Giving link.

Plenty Of Fish estimates that 47 per cent of people on the dating scene have experienced this.

Next up, meet ‘Eclipsing’ where a friend suddenly takes a keen interest in their new partner’s interests and hobbies - like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or Game Of Thrones.

And ‘Exoskeleton-ing’ is where the ex of your current partner keeps getting in touch with you, usually via social media.

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This has been experienced by 22 per cent of daters, while six per cent of people have admitted to being the instigator.

In a sea of negative dating terms, ‘Yellow Carding’ is a positive one - and involves calling out people for poor dating etiquette

For example, being ‘Glamboozled’, where you get ready for a date only to be cancelled upon at the last minute.

It’s something which 54 per cent of daters have experienced - that’s a lot of wasted highlighter.

Finally, ‘Typecasting’ is where you base people’s compatibility based on things like star sign or the Myers Brigg personality test.

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