Woman asks internet for advice after discovering dad's 20-year affair with her aunt

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A woman was left horrified after discovering her father's alleged affair with an aunt. [Photo: Getty]
A woman was left horrified after discovering her father's alleged affair with an aunt. [Photo: Getty]

A woman has been left in shock after discovering her father has allegedly been having an affair with her aunt for the past 20 years.

The horrifying revelation came to the surface on an explosive Reddit thread where the woman detailed how a cousin’s digital sleuthing uncovered the pair’s longtime romance.

“I don’t even know how to explain it, but basically my father (towards whom I didn’t have any positive feelings even prior to that) apparently has been having an affair with my godmother, that is the wife of my mother’s brother,” she wrote.

Confronting the culprit

“Yesterday, one of my cousins accidentally opened my aunt’s Facebook on her computer and their conversation was the first to pop up.

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“She immediately called me and as I was the collected one (I honestly thought she was joking as it was so unbelievable for me) I told her to take as much photos of the conversation as she could and not to hang up.”

The plot was further thickened when the cousin ‘impulsively’ confronted her cheating mother about the alleged affair, who then claimed the messages were a ‘joke’ before quickly deleting the entire message thread.

However, despite the denial, the cousins came up with a plan to ensure their parents’ affair was exposed, in a bid to ensure transparency for the innocent parties.

“We decided to give my aunt a week to confess (which she's not going to do) and then we will show the copies first to my uncle and then my mum,” the daughter wrote.

Potential consequences

But her agenda didn’t end with the alleged couple’s spouses finding out, and the poster asked other users for advice—which understandably came from different viewpoints.

“Your mum absolutely needs to know, do NOT fall for the age old ‘I need to hide this to protect her’ fallacy,” one person wrote.

“It will hurt her, but she deserves the truth.”

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But others disagreed, and pointed out the potentially life-altering effects the revelations could bring the family.

“There are ramifications here that need to be explored. Your cousins, for instance, might be your half siblings,” they wrote.

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