Dating over 50? Cooking a great roast and having own teeth among signs you're a catch

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A new survey has revealed the most desirable qualities if you're dating over 50 years old. (Getty Images)
A new survey has revealed the most desirable qualities if you're dating over 50 years old. (Getty Images)

If you've passed the big 5-0 and are dating, pay attention. A new survey has revealed the signs you're still considered a catch – including cooking a mean roast, having your own teeth and paying off your mortgage.

The research, commissioned by dating service Ourtime, unearthed the key qualities middle aged singletons looking for in a relationship were most attracted to.

Some of the most popular signs were perhaps to be expected, including having a sense of humour – which topped the list with more than 60% stating that it was the number one thing they looked for in a potential other half.

This was followed by a third who wanted a partner who was in good shape, 32% who were keen for someone with their own teeth and 30% who were looking for a significant other with a lust for life.

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Being well read, having your own hair and caring about the environment were all highly desirable attributes for 21% of those surveyed.

Then things got a little more specific – coming in at 19% was the ability to cook a mean roast, while 16% wanted someone who had not been married more than twice before and were up to speed on current affairs.

A smaller 11% would only date someone who had paid off their mortgage, while four per cent were keen to meet a vegan or vegetarian.

The research, which surveyed a thousand UK-based single people aged 50, found that people were more discerning as they got older – with 86% claiming they’d rather be on their own than with someone who wasn’t right.

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Additionally, 86% said they were now much more confident in themselves than when they were younger, while 59% revealed they’d never give up on trying to find the right person to spend their life with.

Joanna Pons, of Ourtime, said: “It’s great to see that over 50s daters in the UK are discerning when it comes to finding love.

"They want someone with shared interests and passions, someone who cares about the environment and of course honesty and transparency is hugely important."

Signs you're a catch if you're over 50

You have a good sense of humour – 60%

You pay your way – 46%

You’re a considerate lover – 45%

You do your share of the housework – 42%

You have a good relationship with your children – 39%

You don’t get too drunk – 38%

You don’t carry too much emotional baggage – 37%

You’re not afraid of getting older – 35%

You’re in good shape physically – 33%

You have your own teeth – 32%

You have a lust for life – 30%

You like to holiday abroad – 28%

You have good taste in films – 24%

You’re good at DIY – 23%

You recycle – 21%

You’re well-read – 21%

You like a lie in at the weekend – 21%

You have your own hair – 21%

You have an adventurous streak – 20%

You cook a mean Sunday roast – 19%

You have a great sense of style – 17%

You haven’t been married more than twice – 16%

You care passionately about the planet – 16%

You’re up to speed on current affairs – 16%

You’ve paid off your mortgage – 11%

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