As dating app Bumble launches 'zodiac' filter, which star signs are romantically compatible?

Astrologists believe star signs can determine romantic compatibility. [Photo: Getty]
Astrologists believe star signs can determine romantic compatibility. [Photo: Getty]

Astrology, the art of ‘reading’ star signs in order to make sense of day to day life, is a popular hobby. In fact, 58% of millennials admit they consider it scientific.

According to the zodiac system, each of us has a star sign corresponding to when our birthday falls.

So, can knowing your star sign help you to determine your love life? Yes, according to dating app Bumble, which has launched a new ‘star sign’ filter.

The new filter is said to allow astrologically-inclined users to control which star signs they match with, and filter out certain signs they wish to avoid.

With this in mind, Yahoo UK spoke to astrologer Ann-Louise Holland (@venusandvesta), to find out which star signs are compatible and which pairings are best avoided.

Ann-Louise explains the ‘elements’ rule is important when considering zodiac pairings. “As a rule, all the water signs get on with the other water signs, and the earth with earth, fire with fire, etc,” she says.

Water signs: Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces

Air signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

However, it is not always the case that people have to stick with their elements. “There are some innately good combinations that work to inspire and excite the other sign without having the same elemental force,” Ann-Louise says.

“Likewise some combinations are easy to irritate and need work to stay happily connected.”

Here’s what you should be looking for:


Gets on well with: “Aries is dynamic and likes certainty,” says Ann-Louise. “So this fire sign has deep respect for the insight and surety that comes with Scorpio. The Aries ram is even prepared to slow down to get the mystery info out of the Scorpio’s shadow. They both have a strong ego and understand those games without getting burnt.”

Clashes with: Aries are badly equipped to deal with the ’emotional waters’ of Cancer, a star sign associated with a changeable personality.


Gets on well with: This sign matches well with Libra, thanks to a shared love of creature comforts. “Also, Taurus likes the way Libra can manage (or manipulate) situations to bring about the most pleasant occasions and people,” says Ann-Louise.

Clashes with: “Taurus is not so fond of Aquarius as he really doesn’t understand the conceptual ideas the water carrier thinks about – Taurus needs facts.”


Gets on well with: Geminis are generally agreeable people who get on well with everyone, but this is especially true of Leos. “The warmth and charm of the lion gives Gemini the immediate security he needs to be even more sparkling and the twins enjoy it when the Leo draws in a crowd to entertain.”

Clashes with: Capricorns frustrate Geminis, who cannot accept their need to have order and certainty at all times. “These kind of details don’t matter to a Gemini.”


Gets on well with: Cancer and Taurus are a match made in heaven.The home instinct in Cancer appreciates the steady, happy nature of the bull,” says Ann-Louise.

“Taureans are stationary souls which Cancer can enjoy feeding and creating a home for – one that the bull totally loves and is sure to give thanks for.

Clashes with: Cancer and Sagittarius do not get on. “Sagittarius are far too adventurous and far too frank for the delicate Cancer soul.”


Gets on well with: Leo and Pisces are a complementary pairing, explains Ann-Louise. “Leo likes to love and who better than Pisces who soaks up Leo’s sun rays like a black hole. As the King of the jungle, the lion can lead the Pisces fish, command them nicely, and the fish will follow – how good is that?”

Clashes with: On the other hand, Leos are frustrated by Taurus ‘regularity and consistency’, which they consider dull.


Gets on well with: Detail-orientated Virgos are a perfect pairing with Geminis, who are full of data and anecdotes to entertain them and give them new ideas to process.

Clashes with: Virgos and Libras are a no-no, explains Ann-Louise. “What Virgo doesn’t like, is the love of ‘luxury for nothing’ that Libra maintains as essential to life. This is far too impractical for the pure one.”


Gets on well with: Luxury-loving Libras pair well with Sagittarius signs, who “are never going to stop anyone having what they enjoy.”

Clashes with: “Libra is ultimately harmonious and Aries is disruptive and loud, which does not go down too well with the sign of the balanced scales.”


Gets on well with: Scorpios appreciate Capricorns’ drive to always aim for the best. “Capricorn is steadfast and no one enjoys this kind of productive focus than the insightful scorpion.”

Clashes with: On the other hand, Scorpios do not like Leos. “The lion is far too showy for the private scorpion.”


Gets on well with: Sagittarius works well with Aquarius signs. “Sag loves the progressive thinking of the water carrier, which feeds his imagination and allows him to wander far and wide without having to move.”

Clashes with: Virgo’s pedantic nature is stifling for Sagittarius signs.


Gets on well with: Capricorn types enjoy the ‘can do’ attitude of the Aries ram. “‘Wind him up and watch him go’, thinks Capricorn, as he plans another project that Aries will energise immediately. This Aries’ fire is exactly what can enable Capricorn to move mountains.”

Clashes with: “The Pisces nature is far too indecisive for the Capricorn goat, who finds the fish’s occasional maudlin unreasonable and intolerable.”


Gets on well with: This sign is a great match with Cancers. The Aquarius need to ‘save humanity’ pairs well with Cancer’s “caring attitude and heartfelt solution”. Ann Louise adds: “The crab provides Aquarius with a variety of moods to work out, which keeps the water carrier wondering and pondering.”

Clashes with: To put it lightly, Aquarius and Scorpio do not get on. “The closed shop that Scorpio puts up, turns Aquarius cold. Those scorpions are far too intense for Aquarius and they can’t or won’t work out the mystery; it seems far too dark for their lighter touch and independent nature.”


Gets on well with: Pisces, who have wild imaginations, enjoy Virgo’s more practical direction. “It is exactly what the fish need to get along,” says Ann-Louise. “This qualifies the Pisces and provides them with a sense of purpose they find hard to achieve on their own.”

Clashes with: Geminis, on the other hand, are a bad combination with Pisces signs. “The twins flit from idea to idea and speak too fast for the fish to comprehend or cope with.”

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