Woman snaps after date refuses to pay her £99 food bill

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The guy had no idea what he was in for. [Stock image]. Photo: Getty
The guy had no idea what he was in for. [Stock image]. Photo: Getty

A guy has shared the barrage of abusive messages he received from a woman, after refusing to pay for her food after a date.

And while that may sound like a douche move, the internet is actually on his side.

Taking to Reddit to share a series of screenshots of the conversation, user CuteBananaMuffin explained he thought the date had gone pretty well until he messaged the woman to ask her out again.

In a thread titled ‘Well… There goes the ‘friendship’ with her’ he revealed that she had expected him to pay her for her meal, even though it was six-times more expensive than his.

“After what you did to me last time you expect me to go out with you again? Wow,” she launched the attack.

When the man, thought to be from Ireland, asked what he had done she replied, “You made me pay for my own food and drink while you paid for only yours wtf.”

But he was quick to defend himself.

“So? You invited me lol, you are lucky you didn’t pay for my food too, plus I got a carbonara and a beer while you got lobster and €80 [£72] wine.

“My food was 17.50 (£19) while yours was 110 [£99]. And you were really expecting me to pay that? I’m a student not your sugar daddy.”

She refused to see any reason however, going on to slam the guy as “so rude”, and going so far as to say that he was clearly “gay” because “gentlemen ALWAYS pay for a girl’s food”.

She finished up by saying, “F*** off. All you wanted was to just have sex with me, bye loser.”

Photo: Reddit
Photo: Reddit
Photo: Reddit
Photo: Reddit

He thought asking her out on a second date might give him and opportunity to smooth things over, but he revealed that was never going to happen.

“I usually pay for both sides when it comes to the bill, but I’m a student and I work 60 hours a week to pay for food, books etc. so I obviously couldn’t afford to pay 110 euros for her food,” he told Bored Panda.

“I asked her out again to apologise for the previous time, hoping we can go to a cheaper place so I could make up for it, but as you can see, the result was really bad.”

And even though, despite how times have changed, we still secretly want a guy to foot the bill after a date, the internet was definitely on this man’s side.

“That’s why she invited you out, so she could get expensive food and wasn’t expecting to pay,” one person commented.

“Lobster and expensive wine. lol she was really counting on you to pay for it,” another added.

Many said he had definitely dodged a bullet.

“Anyone that expects that royalty treatment is not someone you want in your life. Good move,” was one person’s response.

“I know that people like that exist but I’m always shocked to see them interact with others,” was another comment.

“We aren’t interested in paying for her food either. -The Gays,” one person wrote.

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