Dannii Minogue on Madonna allowing ‘Into The Groove’ and ‘Don’t Wanna Lose This Feeling’ mashup

Dannii Minogue and Madonna
Dannii Minogue and Madonna (Images: BBC/Wikimedia Commons)

Dannii Minogue has reflected on the iconic moment Madonna gave her permission to mashup her classic hit ‘Into the Groove’ with Dannii’s own ‘Don’t Wanna Lose This Feeling’ (The resulting remix is also known as ‘Don’t Wanna Lose This Groove’!)

Thanks, Dannii, for reminding us of its existence – Attitude is listening to it as we write this!

The original version of Dannii’s top five hit, taken from her hit album Neon Nights, was released in 2003. ‘Get Into the Groove’, meanwhile, was released in 1985. It featured in the 1985 film Desperately Seeking Susan and on the Like a Virgin 1985 re-issue.

“There’s a lot in the memory bank listening to her music” – Dannii Minogue on Madonna

Reminiscing about the mashup, Dannii recently told Hattie Collins on Proud Radio: “She’d never allowed her music to go out ever to anyone. It’s such a pinch me moment, it’s so incredible. I mean, I grew up listening to her music. It’s one of my favourites.”

The ‘Who Do You Love Now’ singer continued: “There’s a lot in the memory bank listening to her music, loving her style, loving how fierce and fabulous in her own body and herself and her personality and not watering that down for anybody. I think she’s given so many people, but particularly women, permission to feel strong. So yeah, it’s still mind-blowing. And then I saw my sister pop up on stage with Madonna recently.”

Kylie Minogue recently joined Madonna on stage in LA for The Celebration Tour.

On her sister, I Kissed a Girl host Dannii remembered: “One performance Kylie did her Christmas show at Royal Albert Hall, I pop up on stage. My parents are in the audience, they had no idea I was there. The screams that were coming from the room. Cut to the middle of the song, mum and dad think it’s someone else or an impersonator or something, because they knew I was back in Australia. That’s how much we were trying to surprise them to the point where we go, “Hello, it is me.” And then World Pride, the only way I can describe it, when we’re together, there’s this love explosion. There’s an energy, there’s something magical that happens where the power of two is more than one.”

Images: BBC/Raph_PH

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