Courteney Cox has just made grey living rooms cool again - it's all down to getting these four decorating choices right

 Courteney Cox on red carpet with scream poster in background.
Credit: Getty Images / Dominik Bindl

Courteney Cox isn't shy of sharing a clip or two of her home on Instagram, and why would she be when her home looks that good? Our current obsession is her take on the timeless grey living room.

Grey living room ideas can often get a bad reputation as cold and a bit boring. While on a hunt for fresh takes on grey living rooms, Courteney Cox's living room captured our attention. In her latest Instagram video while the Friends TV show star showed herself dancing in her lounge for the 'asking my mom how she danced in the 80s' trend, she gave fans a glimpse of her dark grey living room.

Courteney Cox grey living room

This isn't the first time we've glimpsed the actress's living room, but every time we see the space it always looks modern, fresh, yet still cosy.

Since that isn't an easy task for one grey living room to achieve, we spoke to the experts to nail down the key design elements that make Courteney Cox's grey living room scheme so successful, and there are plenty of tips to steal for your own home.

1. Bold dark grey walls

Courteney Cox has opted for a dark and moody grey to give her living room a modern and dramatic feel. This type of living room colour scheme won't work in every home but should inspire you to take a risk with your living room paint ideas and consider a darker shade.

'When you're looking at paint colours especially something as dark as her wall colour, paint samples of it around the room,' recommends Kelly Collins, interior designer at Swyft. 'A dark colour can change in different areas so it's key to be sure before you choose.'

'Also consider how one room flows to another room, for example, if one room is painted slightly darker and one is more airy this can create a nice contrast. Finally, make sure to evaluate what mood you want to create in each room. For example, using darker neutrals and painting the walls darker will create a warm cosy vibe bringing the walls in.'

2. A balanced grey and brown colour palette

To offset the dark and moody grey walls, Courteney has added warmth with warm neutrals that make the living room look cosy and interesting.

'Courteney has a really nice mix of warm browns and cold greys. This ensures the neutrals are different enough to create an interesting and inviting room, which is key,' explains Kelly.

'People fall into the trap of using neutrals in similar tones which feels very one-note but what she's done right is contrast the neutrals enough that the tones look different and her living room looks interesting.'

3. Contrasting rug

No stylish living room is complete without a living room rug idea in our opinion, and Courteney Cox's living room proves how it can be the final touch to elevate a space.

'Courteney’s living room is a great example of how a rug can define the feel of a space,' says Cassandra Leisz, Ruggable senior creative director. 'She opted for deep charcoal walls, bleached wood floors, and contemporary furniture as the base of the room’s design.'

'Adding in a vintage rug in soft blue, green, and grey tones not only makes the room feel more inviting but also adds visual interest through subtle pattern play.'

'Combining an old-world rug with modern furniture creates an eclectic, layered look that makes the design seem homey and effortless. The cool-toned hues of the rug complement the room’s minimal, grey-themed palette without needing to be the star of the show.'

4. Modern sofa shape

Choosing the best sofa for your living room is always nerve-wracking, but sometimes playing it safe with a simple shape is the best choice you can make.

'Courteney has chosen a nice clean and simple sofa that still has a modern shape,' says Kelly from Swyft. 'By choosing a modern shape she's able to still create a statement despite choosing the grey colour palette.'

The running theme through Courteney's living room is that there is no stand-out star piece, everything works in harmony with each other to create a flawless look. Have you been inspired to steal any of these ideas for your home?