This controversial new app creates sexual consent 'contracts'

New App creates controversial one night stand ‘contracts’ [Photo: Getty/LegalFling]
New App creates controversial one night stand ‘contracts’ [Photo: Getty/LegalFling]

After a year where sexual harassment stories and the #metoo movement have dominated headlines, a controversial new app claims it can help solve the issue of sexual consent by providing ‘legal proof.’

The app, called LegalFling, seems to offer the opportunity to give and withdraw consent at the touch of a button.

On its website, it says that “sex should not only be fun, it should also be safe for everyone”.

According to the information provided, the app says you will receive a request and after you press accept, you have entered into a legally binding agreement.

If a person then breaches the contract, say by sharing private images online or withholding information about STIs, he or she could end up in court.

However, most importantly, the same given consent can also be withdrawn just as easily. And at any time.

A new app aims to provide sexual consent [Photo: LegalFling]

When putting together the contract, there are a host of options you can choose from or deny interest in: from BDSM, to making a sex tape, and even just using a condom.

And if you’re worried about details of your intimate relationships ending up on the cloud, LegalFling says each contract is secured using blockchain, the same technology that protects cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

A controversial new app creates aims to provide proof of consent [Photo: LegalFling]

The proposed release of the new consent app follows news that Sweden plans to introduce a new law on sexual consent.

The proposed changes will mean that if a person has not verbally agreed or demonstrated a desire to engage in sexual activity then forcing them into a sexual act will be illegal.

At the moment the app still needs to be approved by both Apple and Google before it will be available to download, but LegalFling are hoping it won’t be long before it is available for use.

Progressive or proof that the world is a little bit bonkers right now?

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