Sweden is introducing a revolutionary 'sexual consent' law in 2018

Sexual consent
The Swedish Prime Minister has backed calls for new ‘sexual assault’ law [Photo: Getty]

The Swedish Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven, has agreed to back calls for a new law on sexual consent.

The proposed changes will mean that if a person has not verbally agreed or demonstrated a desire to engage in sexual activity then forcing them into a sexual act will be illegal.

Under current Swedish law, ‘rape‘ covers a multitude of sexual offences but proof of threat or violence is required to prosecute.

But such evidence will no longer be required in order to prosecute an offender under the new law.

Sexual consent
Stefan Löfven has shown his support for proposed changes to laws on sexual assault in Sweden [Photo: Getty]

Speaking at a press conference, Löfven said: “It should be obvious. Sex should be voluntary. If it is not voluntary, then it is illegal. If you are unsure, then refrain!”

The proposed changes, which will be legislated in 2018, will enable cases to be taken more seriously in the eyes of the law.

The Swedish government is also set to introduce further legislation with proposed laws against human trafficking and sexual exploitation in the works. The planned changes come in light of the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment.

There is a 10-year plan in place too, in order to prevent men’s violence against women. The scheme aims to introduce electronic tagging of domestic abusers and the improvement of victim support services in the near future.

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