Woman reveals storing cling film in the freezer makes it far easier to use

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A TikTok user has revealed a genius hack for stopping cling film sticking to itself. (Getty Images)
A TikTok user has revealed a genius hack for stopping cling film sticking to itself. (Getty Images)

Most people store their cling-film in the kitchen drawer – but room temperature might not be quite cutting it.

A woman has revealed a genius hack that involves keeping it in the freezer, which will – she claims – stop it sticking to itself.

The tip, for making the common household item much easier to use when wrapping up food, was shared on TikTok by @officialtiktoknurse.

She posted a video demonstrating how she uses the “life changing” trick to help meal prep finish off smoothly in the kitchen.

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In the clip, which has had more than two million views, Nurse Tara tells followers that it was her aunt who first drew the hack to her attention.

She then demonstrates how leaving the roll in her freezer overnight left it more user-friendly.

Speaking to the camera, she says: “It wouldn't have unwrinkled that easily if I didn't put it in the freezer.”

One person wrote: “Please tell your aunt THANK YOU.”

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Another commented: “Honestly, I’ve learned more on TikTok than I did in school LOL.”

A third shared: “Brilliant.”

And a fourth added: “Why didn’t anyone tell me this before.”

Some users, however, were confused by the idea of the cling film becoming less sticky – suggesting it might then no longer be fit for purpose.

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One person asked: “So does it still ‘cling’ to the dishes you’re wrapping?”

Another wondered: “But does it actually stick to anything it’s supposed to?”

They are correct that the cling film will initially stick to items less well due to molecular changes in plastic when it’s kept at a colder temperature, according to Today.

However, Good Housekeeping confirmed that “as it warms up, it goes back to being sticky”.

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