Chrissy Teigen highlights power of make-up with half-done face photo

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Chrissy Teigen is the latest to take part in the half make-up, half without make-up trend. (Getty Images for The Recording Academy)
Chrissy Teigen is the latest to take part in the half make-up, half without make-up trend. (Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

Chrissy Teigen has stripped back the filter and shared what her face looks like with half a face of make-up, and half without.

The model, TV personality and cook, shared a photo of herself wearing a robe, hair tied back, one side of her face heavily made-up with a smokey eye and the other entirely bare.

"No-makeup makeup," she captioned the image.

But it wasn't just Teigen's natural beauty or skilled make-up that caught the attention of her fans and other celebs.

Not immediately realising it was a half and half photo, many first assumed the 36-year-old was sporting a black eye.

Retired professional soccer player turned 'TV soccer guy' Stuart Holden commented, "I thought you had a black eye at first."

Many fans filled the comments, saying they'd thought the same, with one writing, "Girl I thought you had a black eye. my b[ad]," and one explaining "Looking at you this way with two different versions at the same time honestly makes the makeup one kind of look like you have a black eye."

Many expressed relief when they then realised what they thought they were seeing wasn't the case, with another fan commenting, "Omg first post in my feed and for a split second I thought you had a black eye! Till I actually paid attention and realised it is make up."

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Other than her auburn robe also catching attention and receiving many compliments, which Teigen said is from "@cravingsbychrissyteigen and I live in it!" fans did also show appreciation for both her natural and non-natural look.

"Still beautiful both ways," said one, while another wrote, "No makeup for me," another commenting, "Safe to say you don't need foundation what's so ever."

Teigen isn't the first to rock the half with, half without make-up look, with many other celebs having taken part in the trend.

Back in 2018, Drew Barrymore was given the look in the Youtube video 'POWER OF MAKEUP' by Nikkie Tutorials (Nikkie de Jager), a make-up artist and beauty vlogger, who is heavily into the trend.

The actor shared a shot of the end result to her Instagram, showcasing her entirely bare side of face and her entirely made up other side, with red lips and matching bright eyes. She wrote in part, "I cannot tell you what a big deal this is for me! I love her and when you live in the beauty world, she is a rock star!

"Getting to do this with her, where she famously does her half face make up is so cool."

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Also to receive the Nikkie Tutorials treatment in another 'POWER OF MAKEUP' video at the end of last year was Adele.

(YouTube/Nikkie Tutorials)
Adele glows on both sides of her face, after being given the split-faced look (YouTube/Nikkie Tutorials)

Nikkie gave the megastar singer half a face of full make-up, featuring liquid eyeliner (as Adele likes it, who said in the video, "I just like a good eyeliner, like a liquid cat eye. A good contoured eye"), dewy bronzed skin and a nude lip – with the other half completely bare of course.

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While the split-faced look showed the difference between the two, Adele did suggest the natural side might not be entirely untouched.

"I love a brow. But also if I don't dye my brows – like these are dyed – I look like Voldemort".

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None other than beauty guru Kim Kardashian, usually only seen with a face of 'perfection', also underwent the transformation.

The end result featured the reality star's usual heavy contour, defined dark brows, smoky eye and fake eyelashes, while the no make-up side stripped it all back.

In classic Kardashian style, she said in the Nikkie Tutorials YouTube video, "You know what I'm doing to do when I get home? I'm going to try to recreate the other side of the face."

Nikkie shared the final split image on her Instagram, linking all the products used to achieve the look, including Kim's own KKW Beauty Powder Contour + Highlight Kit and her and her sister Kylie's Kylie Cosmetics collab, Crème Liquid Lipstick Set for lips.

Girls star Allison Williams also posted herself with the half and half look in reference to what happened to her character Marnie on the show, revealing she prefers her own bare face.

With one side of her face featuring thicker brows, heavy black lashes and lip liner, and the other side fresh and un-painted, she wrote at the time, "Two-face. Marnie Allison. I'll take my own face any day. I posted a similar pic when we shot this, and people loved seeing the stark contrast. Now you can find out how this happened to Marie tonight at 10 on GIRLS. @girlshbo"

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Fans wrote, "Lolllll this was so funny to watch on the episode !" and another with, "I couldn't get over the lisptick. It's too funny"

It seems the power of make-up is real. Which side do you prefer?