Adele appears bare-faced in video highlighting power of make-up

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Watch: Adele goes completely bare faced in make-up tutorial

Adele has given fans a glimpse of the power of make-up in a tutorial video in which she appears completely barefaced.

The Hello singer, 33, was taking part in a transformation video with make-up artist, Nikkie de Jager - who is better known as Nikkie Tutorials.

Throughout the video the beauty guru was performing a split-face tutorial, keeping one side of Adele's face make-up free while going full-on glam on the other side.

The video kicks off with a completely makeup-free Adele sitting next to de Jager, as the YouTube star explains she'll be doing a full-face of glam on one side of the singer's face, while leaving the other side bare.

"You truly see the power of makeup when she does that with half my face for sure," Adele quips.

Adele was given a split face transformation. (YouTube/Nikki Tutorials)
Adele was given a split face transformation. (YouTube/Nikki Tutorials)

Having applied a base layer of foundation de Jager then moved on to Adele's brows. "I love a brow. But also if I don't dye my brows — like these are dyed — I look like Voldemort," the musician explained as she pointed to her dark arches.

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The star went on to admit that she learnt how to dye her own brows during the pandemic.

"I used to go every week because I really am fair. One day I did a load of research, watched a YouTube video [and] ordered all the products on Amazon. I do it once a week on my own now," she adds.

As the make-up artist continued the split-faced transformation, Adele shared her go-to glam make-up look. "I just like a good eyeliner, like a liquid cat eye. A good contoured eye," she said.

(YouTube/Nikki Tutorials)
Adele appeared completely bare-faced in the video tutorial. (YouTube/Nikki Tutorials)

Since she normally has someone doing her make-up for her, on her off days Adele admitted she likes to keep things simple.

"If I have my hair out natural it's quite wavy and curly. So I'll do that. I'll literally just put on Charlotte Tilbury, that glowy thing and then I put a really nice bronze highlight pretty much all over my face. I look like I just walked off the beach," she said.

Later in the clip, the pair traded previous make-up mishaps, with Adele revealing she used lipgloss as eyeshadow and her mascara kept getting stuck in it.

Adele also shared that, unlike on her previous album, she did not play guitar or drums on her new album 30, as she didn't want to take her nails off to play.

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As the make-up artist continued the half-face transformation, the pair chatted about various other subjects and touched upon the star's drinking habits.

"I would normally drink to make other people interesting, rather than to spice myself up!" she said while undergoing the transformation.

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De Jager, who had asked her about her song I Drink Wine, poured the singer a glass of wine and the pair sipped it throughout the video, while continuing to chat.

She went on: "people at parties are bloody boring!"

The duo also discussed how fame has impacted the singer's lifestyle, to the point where she doesn't like going to the supermarket.

“Because I don’t like being photographed and things like that, the planning that goes into it is f***ing exhausting,” she said.

The musician went on to reveal how she stays grounded.

“Oh my son, don’t you worry! And my two f***ing new puppies,” she said.

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(YouTube/Nikki Tutorials)
The star discussed her make-up habits with the beauty guru. (YouTube/Nikki Tutorials)

The end result of the makeover was incredible with the star's made-up side looking red-carpet glam with a colour palette consisting of smokey eyeshadow and an impressive winged eyeliner.

After adding the finishing touches to the look, Adele finally got to see at the results. "Now, the moment!" said de Jager as she handed the singer a mirror.

"Wow, that's wild!" Adele said. "I look like the Joker — in a great way! You did that very, very quick. That's incredible!"

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