Chrissy Teigen shares fun face covering hack to help prevent 'maskne'

Chrissy Teigen has shared a fun face mask hack to Instagram, pictured in November 2020. (Getty Images)
Chrissy Teigen has shared a fun face mask hack to Instagram, pictured in November 2020. (Getty Images)

Chrissy Teigen has shared a fun skincare hack that could help prevent face mask induced spots.

Wearing a face covering can cause a skin complaint dubbed ‘maskne’ or ‘mask acne’, which presents as spots, redness or inflammation on your mouth, cheeks, and jawline.

While undoubtedly an unfortunate irritant, it’s something we’re just going to have to put up with since masks continue to prove crucial in helping to curb the spread of coronavirus.

But thankfully, as Chrissy Teigen has highlighted in her latest Instagram post, there are actually some skincare plus points to face covering wearing - as a mask can hide a multitude of beauty treatments.

In Teigen’s case she used her face mask to hide a pore strip, which could itself help counteract the effects of mask-wearing on the skin.

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Sharing a sweet family snapshot of herself, husband John Legend and children Luna and Miles, the cookery writer and presenter used the accompanying caption to explain her multitasking mask discovery.

“Life hack: nose strip under your mask,” she captioned the photo which highlighted the mum-of-two rocking a pore strip under her mask.

“Keep safe AND get those rent free blackheads out.”

If you’re having to wear a mask while out and about, you might as well get your pore strips working then, rather than having to add them to your nightly pre-bed routine.

After Teigen shared her face covering hack, fans were quick to head to the comments to praise the skincare suggestion.

“2021 life hack right there,” one wrote.

“You’re full of great ideas Chrissy,” another added.

Others suggested other treatments face masks could hide.

“Also breathe right strips bc #allergies,” one person wrote.

“Also teeth whitening strips,” another added.

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This isn’t the first time Teigen has shared her love for pore strips, having previously documented herself wearing them in a series of Instagram Stories and explaining how they are a regular part of her skincare routine.

“I like to pull these off, slowly, and then tilt them towards the light so I can see each little mountain, each tiny mountain,” she explained back in 2018.

“And then I like to take my finger and brush the blackheads to the side so I can see their length. I take the strip and I fold it into quarters... That concludes my story, entitled, 'If Hannibal Lecter Loved Bioré Nose Strips.' Thank you.”

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The classic pore-cleansing treatment is an affordable skincare staple that can easily be found in most supermarkets, pharmacies and online.

The strips drawing dirt and impurities from skin, and with continued use could help to reduce the appearance of pores.

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Face coverings can impact our skin. (Getty Images)
Face coverings can impact our skin. (Getty Images)

While wearing pore strips could help to improve the appearance of the skin, there are other ways to prevent maskne and other skin irritations caused by wearing a face covering.

Go make-up minimal

Still wearing foundation? Dr Qian Xu, medical director at Skin Aesthetics Clinic, previously told Yahoo UK that she recommends going foundation-free, as the mask can push makeup particles into the pores, which can lead to more breakouts.

Switch up your cleansing routine

Instead of waiting until bedtime to clean your face, Dr Xu recommends cleansing thoroughly with a facial cleanser as soon as you get home. “This will reduce the amount of time the dirt and excess oils will stay on your skin, and can help prevent breakouts,” she explains.

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