Can you see what's wrong with this man's shirt?

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Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram

This guy turned heads when he walked into a department store to buy some clothes.

But can you see why? Walking into Target, a US department store, the man made a beeline towards the men’s section to get a shirt – as, if you haven’t already guessed, he wasn’t actually wearing one.

He then headed over to the registers and asked the employee: “Do you like this shirt or this shirt?”

“Which one is better?”

It took the woman behind the counter a moment to clue onto what was happening, before she burst out laughing at the body paint.

Another worker ends up joining them as well and admits she actually thought it was a huge tattoo.

The woman laughed when she realised. Photo: Youtube/Brandon Walsh
The woman laughed when she realised. Photo: Youtube/Brandon Walsh

The art is the work of Jen the body painter, and the man in the clip happens to be her son, Brandon.

He decided he wanted to use some of his mum’s Instagram and Youtube fame for his own account and asked if she would paint him for a video.

Although he didn’t seem particularly thrilled during the process, and failed to properly prepare – ie shave his legs and underarm hair – the end result was still pretty convincing.

“I painted my handsome son,” Jen wrote in a post sharing the look with her followers.

“It only took 13 years to prove myself.”

Recently, a woman claimed to have got a permanent tattoo of Harry Styles on her cheek. However, she later came clean, admitting that it was actually painted on.

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