Girl with face tattoo of Harry Styles admits it was fake

Kelsy Karter fooled the world with her temporary Harry Styles tattoo. [Instagram/YouTube]
Kelsy Karter fooled the world with her temporary Harry Styles tattoo. [Instagram/YouTube]

Earlier this week, singer Kelsy Karter, 35, hit headlines after claiming to have got One Direction artist Harry Styles’ face tattooed on her cheek.

The Los Angeles based musician, who comes from New Zealand, shared a picture of her new inking to some 78,400 followers on Instagram.

To add to the tattoo‘s credibility, she also shared another of her standing next to celebrity tattoo artist, Romeo Lacoste.

However, just days after the big reveal – and just in time for Harry Styles’ 25th birthday, which is today – she has admitted to faking the inking.

In a video shared on YouTube, entitled “How I rocked the entire world for $300, Kelsy tells the story of how she got the temporary tattoo in order to “get noticed” while promoting her new single, “Harry”.

She explains the temporary tattoo was created with the help of Lacoste and a special effects makeup artist.

She also reveals she tried to put another temporary inking on for those who wanted to see the “tattoo”, but it turned out “even worse” than the original.

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After showcasing all the news coverage generated from the stunt, the video concludes with the words: “I had your attention.” She certainly did.

The internet at large, however, was not best pleased with Kelsy’s “elaborate plot”, calling it a “crime”.

However, some were more sympathetic to Kelsy’s actions, calling it a “really good role” and her a “marketing genius”.

In other tattoo-related news, singer Ariana Grande recently confused fans with a misspelt tattoo.

The 25-year-old had the kanji characters ‘七輪’ tattooed on her hand in tribute to her latest single, ‘7 Rings’.

But one eagle-eyed fan was quick to point out that although the two characters do mean ‘seven’ and ‘rings’ individually, when placed together they actually translate to ‘schichirin’ – which is a small charcoal grill.

Thankfully, she is since said to have had the tattoo corrected.

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