Cabin crew member's hilariously sassy safety routine goes viral

A cabin crew member’s hilariously sassy safety routine has gone viral after he decided to turn the demo into a dance.

In a video, which has been shared online, the crew member can be seen taking some inspiration from night club dance floors as he struts down the aisle and even uses the galley wall as a pole.

Expecting a boring briefing, the shocked travellers couldn’t believe their eyes and laughed hysterically at the amusing performance.

The flight attendant performed the safety routine as a dance. [Photo: Caters]

Bethany Joy Brenes, 20, was a passenger on the SouthWest flight from Chicago to Omaha Airport, Nebraska, and filmed the routine.

The university student described the sassy routine as an ‘unforgettable moment’ and believes it was the first time passengers paid attention to the emergency briefing.

“The flight attendants started talking, not many people were paying attention,” Beth said.

A flight attendant decided to dance the safety routine. Photo: Caters News

“But then when it was time to read us the instructions, nobody expected anything different.

“We were all basically doing our own thing, we all look up to see the flight attendant dancing in a club-like fashion.

“It was really different. He danced like he was working the pole which was super amusing.

“I thought it was awesome and it was the first time I genuinely paid attention to the emergency instructions.”

Since the video was posted last week it’s attracted over 50,000 views. Beth praised the cabin crew member and believes more should follow in his lead to engage passengers.

“It was an unforgettable moment and honestly very enjoyable,” she said.

He took his inspiration from a night club dance floor. Photo: Caters News

“It made me feel awake and actually amused and very interested.

“Everyone on the plane was amused and we all loved the flight attendants and they made the flight very enjoyable. A ride to remember.

“There should be more flight attendants like him, plane rides would be way more enjoyable and not so tiring.”

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