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A shower

Time was when the idea of having a shower on an aeroplane was pie in the sky. Now it’s something that an increasing number of airlines are offering to passengers paying full whack for the privilege of freshening up onboard. Both Etihad and Emirates feature onboard showers, with top-notch toiletries to boot. So you can land smelling fresher than you did when you took off. [Photo: Emirates]

Why absolutely everyone should pay to fly First Class at least once

Ellie Ross

For most travellers, boarding a plane and turning left is the stuff of dreams. Flying First Class involves flat beds, top-notch service and more space than you can shake a stick at. Apart from the sky-high price tag, what’s not to like?

But there’s much more to it than that. From PJs that will hydrate your skin, to chairs that will ease aching muscles, there are some more unusual benefits to forking out for First. Here’s why everyone should pay to fly First Class at least once in their lives.

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