Cabin crew member raps flight safety demonstration for passengers

Francesca Specter
Yahoo Style UK deputy editor

Flight safety demonstrations are notoriously dull, but a cabin crew member managed to delight passengers after performing a rap on board an aeroplane in the US.

Robert Stratton, a passenger on a Southwest Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City, Utah, was waiting for take off when he heard the cabin crew member, whose name is Adele, speaking on the tannoy.

In the funny video, Adele tells the passenger they are going to “make some music”.

She then proceeds to break into a rap which includes some of the routine safety instructions.

The cabin crew member rapped the safety demonstration. [Photo: Caters]

The novelty rap included telling passengers to fasten their seatbelts “nice and tight”, she tells them to make sure to “lock it up tight, pretty soon the ground will be out of sight”.

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“I’ve never had a flight like that before, it was great to start with,” Stratton tells Caters News of the funny incident.

“Everyone on board really enjoyed it.”

Adele isn’t the only cabin crew member to jazz up a flight with a creative touch.

Last December, a cabin crew member was filmed performing a dance routine while he briefed passengers on the safety demonstration.

In a video, which has been shared online, the crew member can be seen taking some inspiration from night club dance floors as he struts down the aisle and even uses the galley wall as a pole.

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However, not all cabin crew are as friendly. Recently, a woman was left “mortified” after she was told to “cover up” by airline staff.

Emily O’Connor, 21, from Solihull, claimed Thomas Cook staff threatened to remove her from a flight she boarded from Birmingham to Tenerife.