Burger King launches £3.99 halloumi burger in the UK

Vegetarians can rejoice as Burger King adds to its veggie-friendly options. [Photo: Getty]
Vegetarians can rejoice as Burger King adds to its veggie-friendly options. [Photo: Getty]

Recently, vegetarian fast-food options have become a lot more interesting.

Gone are the days of being given a bean patty or a bland salad in lieu of a substantial meal.

Burger King is leading the way in veggie-friendly burgers by adding yet another vegetarian option to its menu.

The latest creation follows the footsteps of Tesco’s vegan sausage roll and Subway’s vegan menu.

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The burger, which is available as a single or a double, is launching in the UK after a trial period in Sweden.

It also comes after the launch of its Impossible Whopper vegan burger in the US.

Halloumi is up there with the best treats of all time for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Now, we’ll be able to enjoy the crispy Cypriot cheese inside a brioche bun complete with lettuce, tomatoes onions and mayo.

Understanding that non-veggies also love a bit of the halloumi-life, Burger King now give the option to add a piece of the cheesy goodness to your regular burger.

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A single halloumi burger is £3.99 or £5.49 for a double. If you’d rather opt for a meal, you can get a single burger meal for £5.99 or a double for £7.49.

Vegetarians have taken to social media to praise the new launch and tag their veggie friends alerting them of the new development.

One wrote: “Would there be any reason to have a single? I think not!”

“This has made my day. Burger King for tea.” Another wrote.

The burger officially launched today and some of you have already got your hands on it. “I can confirm, it’s DELICIOUS.” One keen Twitter user wrote.

As if we needed another excuse to eat cheese.

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