Bride kicks sister out of wedding after 'selfish' speech

A bride has slammed her sister’s wedding speech. Photo: Getty
A bride has slammed her sister’s wedding speech. Photo: Getty

Words: Kristine Tarbert

A bride has told how she kicked her sister out of her wedding reception because she didn’t like her “selfish” speech.

Taking to Reddit this week, the unnamed woman received backlash after revealing her sister, who was her maid of honour, praised the groom for helping her through her mental health battles.

“During her speech, she [the sister] brought up her depression and how my husband supported her through it and how ‘in that moment, I knew he was the one for [bride] (so cliche!),” the bride wrote in the post.

“I thought her speech was really selfish. I think it’s super inappropriate to bring up a mental illness during a wedding speech.

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“Not only that, but the entire speech was about her. At MY wedding. 90 per cent of the guests congratulated her afterwards and talked about how ‘strong’ she was. Nobody was paying attention to me, at my own wedding!”

She then went on to explain that in her opinion, her wedding day was not the time and place for her sister to speak about her health – and she took drastic measures to make her feelings known.

The bride decided to kick her maid of honour out. Photo: Getty
The bride decided to kick her maid of honour out. Photo: Getty

“So after the guests all greeted her, I asked her to leave and told her she was being disruptive and selfish. She was really upset but just left without arguing. My parents agree with me,” she explained.

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“But my husband and all of my close friends think I was way too harsh.”

Unsurprisingly, most people disagreed with the bride and labelled her ‘selfish’ and a ‘narcissist’.

“‘Nobody was paying attention to me!’ Never has one sentence defined my resentment for weddings and wedding culture so perfectly,” one person commented.

“Her speech was done. What was the point of throwing your maid of honour out at that point,” another asked.

“How DARE the Maid of Honour at a wedding compliment the GROOM. Doesn’t she know she’s supposed to only say good things about the bride,” another quipped.

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“It was tactless to make the speech about herself, but it sounds like she was trying to complement your husband’s kindness. But the punishment didn’t fit the crime. You massively overreacted by kicking her out,” one person tried to reason.

Some people did agree with the bride. Photo: Getty
Some people did agree with the bride. Photo: Getty

However, there were some who agreed with the bride, saying the sister should not have brought up her own struggles during a wedding speech.

“Weddings are about the spouses joining together in joy and happiness. They are the focus,” one person wrote. “It’s one of the rare days where all attention is on them and where they deserve to be upset when it’s not. It’s not a day about your personal issues or inner demons. Especially in the middle of the damn speech.”

“I feel like maybe your sister wasn’t aware that what she’s saying could be inappropriate and it was an accident,” another added. “Even then you are within your rights to feel upset by what she said. Maybe the speeches could have been run by the two of you beforehand?”