Bride reveals moment she found out about new husband's affair three days into honeymoon

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A bride has revealed the moment she found out about her new husband's affair three days into their honeymoon [Image: Getty]
A bride has revealed the moment she found out about her new husband's affair three days into their honeymoon [Image: Getty]

Going on your honeymoon should be one of the most magical experiences of your life.

However, one bride’s romantic trip to Italy following their wedding with her new husband Harry was ruined three days in when she discovered he had been having an affair.

The newlywed wrote anonymously into MamaMia to recall how she found out about his cheating when she received a message from someone claiming to have slept with him.

“ I'd married the love of my live after seven years together and we were on the Italian honeymoon I'd spent months planning to perfection,” she explained.

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“As I scrolled through my flooded inbox, I noticed there was a message sitting in my 'other' folder.”

The woman revealed that the person, called Sarah, claimed she had been having sex with Harry for three months.

They had met in a bar - which the wife knew as being near to his work - and he told her he was with someone else.

What’s more, the bride knew the time period Sarah said the affair had taken place was when she and then-boyfriend Harry had been going through a rough patch in their relationship.

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“My intuition told me I was clutching at straws, but I sent Sarah a message anyway. ‘You're lying’, I challenged,” she explained of her next steps.

Sarah wrote back that Harry had been late to the 60th birthday party of her mum - something that the woman remembered had actually happened.

She revealed that she challenged her new husband about the affair there and then on their previously-idyllic honeymoon.

However, he countered that the cheating episode had made him realise what they had together.

The woman revealed how they ultimately decided to stay together and move past the early hiccup in their marriage.

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