Two sisters tied the knot in a joint wedding and 'wouldn't change it for the world'

Danielle Fowler
Freelance Writer
Sisters, Charly and Ella, tied the knot on the same day [Photo: SWNS]

Weddings are supposed to be a celebration of love but the big day can often pull families apart from quarrels over seating arrangements to the question of who foots the bill.

In a bid not to upstage each other, two sisters decided to share their wedding day - and they “wouldn’t change it for the world”.

Charly Mckevitt, 28, had been engaged to longtime partner, Marcin Jerwan, for five years.

Her 23-year-old sister Ella was desperate to see the couple say “I do” and even teased that she would marry her boyfriend, Chase Pretorious, on the same day.

“It started off as a joke,” Ella revealed. “I had just recently got engaged and Charly had been engaged for five years. She hadn't married yet and we started joking about getting married at the same time, but then as we spoke more about it we said ‘why don’t we just do it?’”

The idea of a joint wedding started off as a joke but the sisters eventually went through with the plan. [Photo: SWNS]

Deciding to go through with the plan, the siblings from Sauchie, Clackmannanshire began to prepare for the big day.

In a move which would horrify some brides-to-be, the sisters purchased their wedding dresses on the same day though wisely decided to opt for very different styles.

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Ella chose to wear co-ordinating Converse with her husband while her older sister chose an off-the-shoulder gown with more traditional heels.

The sisters even purchased their wedding dresses on the same day [Photo: SWNS]

On June 22, the sisters tied the knot one after the other in the grounds of Gartmore Village Hall before holding a shared reception inside with 130 close friends and family members.

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The sisters even cut the wedding cake together and shared their first dance to the aptly-named ‘Better Together’ by Jack Johnson.

The sisters shared their reception with 150 close friends and family members [Photo: SWNS]

“We got prepared together upstairs and then our dad and step-dad walked us down the aisle,” Ella recalled. “I went first then Charly came downstairs. I did a speech for my sister and she did one for me.”

“It’s definitely not easier, you’ve got so many more people and ideas so it’s trickier in that sense,” she admitted. “We both wanted the best for each other on the day and bought our wedding dresses together. I’d recommend it, it was amazing.”

“Charly and I looked at each other afterwards and both said we were glad we did it,” Ella added. “It was a perfect day, no regrets.”

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