Bride furious after mother-in-law requests her to dye her natural hair before wedding

A bride is fuming with her mother in law for asking her to change her hair colour before her big day. Photo: Getty Images
A bride is fuming with her mother in law for asking her to change her hair colour before her big day. Photo: Getty Images

Weddings are stressful enough without having every family member putting their two cents in about where they think you should hold it, how you should dress or what band you should have.

But one woman’s future mother-in-law has obviously never felt that wedding planning anxiety, as she decided to ask the bride to dye her hair for the big day.

The woman took to Reddit to ask for help, after being left in total shock at her future mother-in-law’s request.

“JNMIL (Just No Mother In Law) wants me to dye my (naturally red) hair for our wedding so she can be the only (cheaply dyed fake) redhead in wedding pictures,” the woman started the thread.

She went on to say that she had only been with her partner for six months when he popped the question and believes the groom’s mother isn’t happy about that or the fact they’ve moved across the country, away from family.

“MIL texted me this weekend asking what I planned on doing to my hair for our upcoming fall 2019 wedding,” she continued.

“I sent her back a few hairstyle photos I had saved from Pinterest as inspiration.

“Conversation went downhill from there,” she said.

Her future mother-in-law asked her if she didn’t think people would think it was strange that she had the same hair colour as her husband’s mother.

“I just don’t want you having to explain it to your family that we match,” the mother-in-law said in a series of texts.

She went on to tell the bride that she thought people would judge them for having matching hair colours.

“It makes me uncomfortable that you’d be willing to keep the same colour as me when you’re marrying my son,” she said.

The bride replied saying: “I’m sorry about that but I don’t think it’s on anyone’s radar that we match. I wouldn’t overthink it.”

“It is because my sister already said it would be hard to tell you and I apart in a family wedding photo. I just don’t want to put [my son] in an uncomfortable position,” the mother-in-law responded.

The bride didn’t know how to respond to that, and asked the internet to help her out.

“A good response would be, ‘I seriously doubt anyone will have any issues telling us apart, but if you’re concerned, feel free to dye your hair back to your own natural colour to avoid any confusion’,” one person responded.

“Definitely start with ‘well, you won’t be wearing white for a start’ (in case her crazy extends to actually wearing white to your wedding) and follow it with an invitation for her to return to her NATURAL colour if she’s that worried about it,” another person said.

Others thought it was a strange power move on her future mother-in-law’s part and they feel like she “absolute plans on wearing a white dress. That’s why the hair colour is a problem.”

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