Man goes the extra mile to ensure his best friend's proposal is perfect

Wael Mansour has gone viral after his starring role in his friend's proposal [Photo: Instagram]
Wael Mansour has gone viral after his starring role in his friend's proposal [Photo: Instagram]

A man has become a viral after after ensuring that his best friend’s proposal went off without a hitch.

Charbel Abillama had planned to propose to his girlfriend Kristina outside of the famous Château Laurier hotel in Ottawa, Canada. But just 20 minutes before the big moment, he was informed of a security ban on proposals taking place at the premises.

After some quick-thinking, Abillama decided that he would have to pop the big question at the bottom of the stairs - where 50 onlookers were stood watching the improvised plan unfold.

In a last minute bid to give the moment a touch of romance, his friend, Wael Mansour, stepped in as an unofficial ‘petal thrower’ and subsequently became a viral hit.

In the clip, he can be seen lovingly throwing rose petals from behind the stairs with a smile plastered across his face, as his friend got down on one knee.

One exclaimed, “I want the flower petal guy to marry ME!”

“If you don’t have friends like the guy throwing the petals then you need new friends,” another added.

“The real MVP,” a third stated.

But Mansour was surprised to see his petal throwing skills go viral, as he told Yahoo UK: “It was really special to be a part of my friend’s big day but I was there purely for the support and to help set up. I had no idea my involvement would blow up into this viral thing like it did.”

“The petal throwing was so spur of the moment...” he continued. “I was just trying to use up all the extra petals!”

Though he has since turned his popularity into a business venture and is now offering his “petal throwing needs” to others after changing his Twitter username to ‘@petalthrower’.

We sure hope our friends are willing to take on the role at our future proposal...

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