Airline refunds bridesmaid's flight after she’s fired from wedding

An airline offered a former bridesmaid a full refund after she was fired from her friend’s wedding [Photo: Pexels]

A bridesmaid was asked to “relinquish her duties” and return her wedding jumpsuit after the bride-to-be claimed she wasn’t fulfilling her duties due to her commitments as an MBA student.

Courtney Duffy had booked flights to her friend Alexandra’s wedding with JetBlue but when she received an email from the bride asking her to give up her role at the nuptials, she promptly asked for a refund via Twitter.

She took to the social media platform to write [sic]: “SOS @Jetblue! Booked my X-C [cross country] flights for a wedding then was asked ‘to relinquish’ my ‘duties as a bridesmaid’ and mail my bridesmaid outfit X-C so another girl could fill in and wear it (Happy bday to me!) I am laughing and crying and must avoid this wedding at all cost. Please help?”

In the now-deleted Twitter plea, the former bridesmaid also attached a copy of the email her friend sent to her. In the divisive message, the bride-to-be wrote: “I’m so glad to hear you booked flights! I’m sorry classes are taking such a long time to sort out. I know how hard you’re working to be here for the wedding and it means so much to us!”

She then went on to tell her friend that she needed her to do a “massive favour”. In what she described as one of the “hardest things I’ve ever had to ask anyone” she asked Duffy to give up her bridesmaid duties.

The email continued: “When I asked you, I was really hoping that you could be part of this whole thing – the bachelorette trip, at leat the weekend, prep and the full night of the event (a Sunday night flight means you won’t even be able to be there for the whole wedding)… the whirlwind nature of what your travel has become just won’t work with the duties as a party member. I’m so, so sorry!!”

To conclude the message – which is in reference to the bridesmaid’s commitments as an MBA student – the bride-to-be asked her to “mail the jumpsuit”.

In response to the request, JetBlue promised to give Duffy a full refund but also threw in a free trip for a “future girl’s weekend” in the hope that the pair can eventually patch things up.

But Twitter users were quick to disagree with the airline giant. One wrote: “If she could use that ticket to treat another friend and not that narcissistic, empty-headed fool, then it’s a great idea!”

While another replied to JetBlue in a tweet which read: “Oh so disappointed JetBlue! She should never have to see that bridezilla again! Please just refund the ticket.”

But others were far more concerned by the bride’s choice of attire for her bridal party. One Twitter user joked [sic]: “Don’t take the bride, and never agree to wear a jumpsuit in a wedding again.”

Another wrote, “My biggest concern is the fact that the bridesmaids are in jumpsuits.”

After the widespread response, Duffy took to the social media platform to add: “Weddings have gotten totally out of control – this is about more than just an email. I’m hoping this thread reminds future lovebirds and bridal parties to keep their feet on the ground ”

Let’s hope the pair manage to patch things up.

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