Bride caught future mother-in-law doing the unimaginable with her wedding dress

wedding dress
What would you do if you caught your future mother-in-law trying on your wedding dress without permission? [Photo: Pexels]

Relationships with in-laws can prove difficult to navigate but for one bride-to-be, her future mother-in-law seriously overstepped the line in the run-up to her big day.

An American woman – who goes by the username ‘AdministrativeMain7’ – took to Reddit to seek advice after she caught her fiancé’s mum trying on her wedding dress. Yep, seriously.

After delving into the history of their relationship – which includes her mother-in-law criticising her engagement ring and telling her to lose weight before the nuptials – the future bride recalled the moment that even her partner couldn’t defend.

Midway through setting up the guest room for her future mother-in-law who was staying the weekend, she headed into the master bedroom only to find her trying on her wedding dress. But what happened next is sure to make fellow brides cringe, as the gown soon became stuck.

wedding dress
Despite damaging her future daughter-in-law’s wedding dress, she refuses to pay for repairs [Photo: Pexels]

“I blurted out ‘what the hell?’ and she immediately started stammering: “Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!” At that point my number one concern was her tearing the sheer backing of my dress so I rushed over to help her,” she wrote. “It was all for nothing, as she managed to scratch her way through the back of the dress and completely destroy the sheer material. She burst the side zipper of the dress and got a dirty footprint on the train.”

“I asked her, as soon as I got her out of the dress (and I want to note, with HUGE amounts of disgust, that she was wearing no underwear) – what the hell she was thinking. She responded that she was just trying to make sure the dress would fit me; because if the dress fit her, then it absolutely fit me too. If it didn’t fit her, then I obviously had some work to do.”

But the story doesn’t end there, as her future mother-in-law has since refused to pay for any repairs to the damaged Galia Lahav gown – which cost $11,000 (approximately £8,600).

Instead, the bride-to-be added that she has been criticising her future daughter-in-law for spending so much money on a dress and told her to choose something “less dramatic and ostentatious”.

As for her future husband, she revealed that he is “very disturbed” by what happened mostly due to the fact that they also found a bouquet of flowers on the bed. “I think the b*** was actually trying to pretend she was the bride… which for so many reasons, is so wrong,” she added.

In an unsurprising turn of events, Reddit users rushed to the social media platform to offer up advice.

One member wrote: “From a guy who had to deal with this, I have some words of wisdom for him. At least, it helped me to keep this in mind: his mother is the past. Her most important time is done and gone. Respectful acknowledgment is one thing, but never let the past rule you.”

He added, “You (singular and plural) are the present and the future. This is what is important. This is his opportunity to live his chosen life. Not the life she would choose to fulfil her dreams.”

While another was keen to suggest withdrawing her future mother-in-law’s invitation to the upcoming wedding unless she pay for the damages.

“She needs penalties,” they wrote. “I would personally tell her that either she pays for the repairs, or she is uninvited.”

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