Is Brassic star Joe Gilgun married? Everything we know about his love life

Joe Gilgun as Vinnie in Brassic

Joe Gilgun has become something of a heartthrob since taking on the role of unlucky in love Vinnie O'Neil in Brassic. And with fans pressing play on season five of the hit comedy, they'll no doubt be rooting for Vinnie and Erin (Michelle Keegan) to finally get their happy ending.

As the duo's will-they-won't-they storyline continues to grip viewers, fans might also be wondering about Joe's real-life relationship status away from the show. So, what do we know about the actor's dating history? Keep reading for all the details…

Is Brassic star Joe Gilgun married or in a relationship?

No. Currently, Joe appears to be single, but he's spoken about being open to love. In a 2020 interview with The Sun, the TV star revealed that he's signed up with a dating app. "I don't have a girlfriend – I don't get many matches on Tinder, it's full of lying sociopaths – I'm like a bit of a loser who feeds the pigeons," he joked.

Joe Gilgun on the red carpet for a Sky event
Joe Gilgun appears to be single (Getty)

Joe also made remarks about his relationship status in 2019, explaining that he'd discussed it with his therapist in a session. "I had a bit of a breakthrough. She was saying, 'Why don't you have a girlfriend? Why don't you have a house? You've got all this money. Do something with it,'" he told The Guardian.

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"But the other aspect is, once I've got a girl that I know I can love and she loves me, that's when I'll do it. I'll get a house and I'll learn to drive and I'll become a normal human being, get a golden retriever and a [expletive] dishwasher and all that. I'll give it everything I have. I've never really had that love, being in love like that."

Joe Gilgun as Vinnie in Brassic
The actor has found it hard to meet people with his busy schedule (Sky)

During the interview, Joe explained that his busy work schedule and his bipolar disorder can make relationships more difficult to navigate. "I can't meet anyone. I'm nice, as well!" he said. "But it's difficult. No one's in the market for a bipolar squatter who lives in the [expletive] woods, do you know what I mean?"

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Who has Joe Gilgun dated?

The actor's last known romance was with his former co-star, Vicky McClure, whom he met on the set of This is England. While little is known about their relationship timelines, Joe has said that the pair are still good friends, despite their decision to split.

Joe Gilgun and This is England co-star Vicky McClure on the red carpet
Joe previously dated his This is England co-star Vicky McClure (Getty)

"Our friendship's stronger [because of our previous relationship]," he remarked to The Independent in 2015. "I can go to Vick about anything and know she'll always understand me."