Boozing With Your Partner Could Strengthen Your Relationship

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You love G&Ts, they love Pinot Grigio - whatever drinks you and your partner like, good news - drinking together could be good for your relationship.

A new study has found that drinking with your partner could make you happier than drinking separately.

Conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan, the study asked more than 2,700 married couples about the impact of alcohol on their relationship. 

They were asked a series of questions, including how much they drank with their partner, how often they drank together, and how critical, demanding or irritating their partner is.

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It concluded, of course, that couples who drank together rather than apart or at different times from one another were happier - and those who had issues in their relationship tended to have one person drinking while the other wasn’t.

The researchers concluded: “concordant drinking couples reported decreased negative marital quality over time”, and that booze reportedly had “powerful effects on marital quality” for younger couples.

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Importantly, it’s all about how you drink rather than how much you drink, as apparently the findings “stress the importance of considering the drinking status rather than the amount of alcohol consumed”.

Right - grab your partner and let’s hit the nearest happy hour, shall we?

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