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The Nub Theory

It’s all about the ‘angle of the dangle’ when it comes to this gender predictor. It involves looking at your twelve week scan and analysing down-there. The theory goes that babies with a nub – or genital tubercle – angled at greater than 30 degrees are likely to be boys, while girls’ nubs sits below 30 degrees.
The test is proving to be pretty popular, so much so that a number of dedicated online nub forums are springing up online, where ‘experts’ predict the sex of the baby from the foetal scan.
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From the bonkers to the brilliant: 13 ways to predict the gender of your baby

It used to be that pregnant women would have to wait 40 torturous weeks until they could find out the gender of their baby.

But that didn’t stop mums-to-be coming up with crazy methods of predicting whether the mini them was going to be a little boy or girl.

Well thanks to advances in science, there are now all sorts of accurate ways to discover the sex of the bun in your oven before you actually see it with your own eyes.

So if you can’t wait, won’t wait to find out the gender of your baby, there are plenty of ways to try and predict whether you should break out the pink or blue.

From the scientific to the downright bonkers, here are 13 ways to determine your baby’s gender…

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