Cankle liposuction? Dimpleplasty? Twelve bizarre plastic surgery procedures

A South Korean plastic surgery clinic has started offering a drastic new procedure designed to curl lips upward and create a more "western-style" face. We checked out some equally bizarre plastic surgery procedures. 

Bra back line lift

The bra back line lift was recently unveiled in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. "For many patients - even the fit ones, such as an aerobics instructors - the upper to mid-line back where bulges form was very frustrating," said senior author Joseph Hunstad. Then again, you could always just choose a bigger bra.

Smile lift

The smile lift procedure offered by the South Korean AOne clinic creates a permanent smile by lifting the corners of the mouth and manipulating the supporting facial muscles, although photographic evidence appears to suggest the result is often a Joker-like smile. "This is a risky procedure where muscles which control facial expression are manipulated," warns Nilesh Sojitra, consultant plastic surgeon and spokesperson for the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons ( "If there are complications then they can often be permanent."

Gummy smile repair

There was a time when braces and veneers were the main options for those hoping to improve their smile. However, recently a new type of surgery has been created for those worried about an overly "gummy" smile. This procedure involves the removal, with lasers, of gum tissue, although practitioners point out that there's a high chance that the gum will regrow.

Belly button surgery/umbilicoplasty

Fancy turning your inner into an outie? Because if the popularity of belly button surgery (umbilicoplasty) is anything to go by, you're not alone. According to the team at Washington DC-based, "umbilicoplasty corrects distortions and results in an attractive, natural-looking belly button which will allow you to wear fashions of your choice and show off your new navel." Somewhat worryingly, it's one of the most popular forms of plastic surgery, with costs starting at around £800.

Cankle surgery/lower leg liposuction

Worried about cankles? Why head to the gym/tone up/worry when you can fix by the problem by spending thousands of pounds on surgery? Lower leg liposuction is another procedure which is becoming increasingly popular but it's not without risks. The reduced number of blood vessels mean that excess fluid can take longer to drain from this area, and if you're considering cankle surgery, excess swelling is probably a post-surgery side effect that doesn't appeal.

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Chubby cheek surgery/buccal fat removal

Grandparents love nothing more than a good tug on a chubby cheek, but it appears the owners don't always feel the same. This procedure involves the removal of fat through a small incision made inside the mouth. Ironically, and perhaps unsurprisingly, the biggest risk and side effect is post-surgery excessive swelling.

Chin reduction surgery

Bruce Forsyth is famous for his chin, but sadly, he hasn't succeeded in transforming his feature into a must-have accessory. The technical term for a large chin (or the one surgeons use to convince patients it's a problem which needs fixing) is macrogenia. The surgery is carried out through a tiny incision in the lower gum.

Dimple surgery/dimpleplasty

Dimples are the latest must-have accessories, but if you weren't born with them, don't despair - you can simply pay a plastic surgeon to create them. The surgery involves making a small incision on the inside of the cheek and using a small absorbable stitch to pucker the skin and create a dimple. However, experts warn that the way our faces age and naturally droop could leave patients hoping for designer dimples with designers disasters, instead. 

Earlobe surgery

According to the experts (especially plastic surgeons, unsurprisingly) earlobes are one of the first body parts to give away our age, and will often lose volume while the rest of face remains taut. The good news? Those concerned about droopy lobes can now improve their ears' appearance and reduce droopiness by having a small wedge of tissue removed. But first, ask yourself this: when was the last time you noticed someone's earlobes?

Toe shortening

Forget rhinoplasty - toes are the new nose and when shoes don't fit, increasing numbers are hot-footing it down the surgery route. This procedure involves dislocating the toe, removing a chunk of bone and securing the shortened toe with a titanium rod. The risks? Infections, corns and pain while walking, which makes a new, larger pair of shoes a much more attractive option.

Bingo wing surgery/brachioplasty

Using a rowing machine or lifting weights are both great bingo wing-busting techniques, but for those short on time there's always surgery, in this case, an arm lift, which involves the removal of skin and fat from the upper arm. "There is more weight loss or "bariatric" surgery being carried out due to the increase in worldwide obesity, and for this reason this type of surgery will continue to be popular in years to come, reveals Nilesh Sojitra. "Brachioplasty is a common procedure and if done correctly can achieve good results." Although cutting out the cake and exercising regularly costs considerably less.

Chin implant/mentoplasty

Worried your chin's too small? Why not opt for a chinplant? Chinplants are especially popular in the US, where the procedure ranks as the fastest growing one in plastic surgery, with popularity up by around 71 per cent. It involves the insertion of synthetic material through an incision inside the mouth or under the chin. "Chin implants are common and have been used for years," says Nilesh Sojitra at the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. "It's a safe procedure which can have dramatic results in those with a weak chin."

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