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Make a brew

Look no further for a remedy which Dr Emeka guarantees will make you feel a whole load better.

According to the 24-year-old, “Ginger tea is great at soothing the stomach. It also speeds up alcohol digestion and it can even help your throbbing head.”

12 large ginger slices
A dash of lemon
1/2 cup of honey
Fresh orange juice
4 cups of boiling water

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The best hangover cures, according to a doctor

Danielle Fowler
Freelance Writer

We’ve all been there. It’s Sunday morning and we’re desperately Googling if there are any magical hangover cures out there to numb our thumping headache.

And finally, our prayers have been answered.

Junior Doctor Emeka Okorocha was shocked when his friends asked if the ‘hair of the dog’ is the best way to tackle a hangover and decided that there was only one way to debunk the myth.

The 24-year-old dedicated his time and energy to road-testing some hangover cures for the BBC and revealed: “Using my medical background, I was able to figure out which remedies were likely to be the most effective. After I had picked the best ones, I tested them when I was feeling rough.”

So ahead of the weekend, we’ve rounded the best ways to beating a hangover in the gallery above.

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