This is the exact formula for curing your hangover, apparently

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It’s party season: a time for plenty of booze and festive cheer, but also the pounding headaches that come afterwards.

And we all have our own specific hangover ‘cures’ – a full English, a bloody Mary, a carton of Tropicana, you name it.

But instead of theorising and guessing, help is at hand, as nutritionist Amanda Hamilton teamed up with Deliveroo to figure out what combination of foods can jet set you to recovery.

According to Stylist, Hamilton put it into one handy (terrifying) equation:

X (C2H5OH ++) = Y (B x 2 + 20gP) + (+ AV + rk2 + SPF x 10).

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There you have it. Run along, everyone.

Just kidding – let’s break this down a little. X here equals the alcoholic units you drank the night before, and Y is the perfect hangover cure.

So in a nutshell, the combination of foods you should eat for a hangover is this:

20pP = 20 grams of lean protein such as turkey, salmon, quinoa, eggs, or low-fat dairy (all those amino acids to help detoxify your liver)

B x 2 = Two slices of bread (high in carbs to boost your blood sugars and speed up your metabolism to get rid of the booze ASAP)

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+ AV = Avocado (potassium)

+ rk2 = A few handfuls of rocket (a boost of Vitamin B to help your liver)

+ SPF x 10 = Sweet potato fries (potassium, vitamin B, fibre, beta-carotene and utter deliciousness)

Now obviously, there’s no real way to stop a hangover from happening other than drinking responsibly or not at all.

But this seems like a pretty good start.

What is your go-to hangover cure? Tweet us at @YahooStyleUK.

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