National Fitness Day: Best home workout equipment under £20

Bring the gym at home with the best workout equipment under £20 [Photo: Getty Images]
Bring the gym at home with the best workout equipment under £20 [Photo: Getty Images]

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As we welcome a new season, it’s inevitable that the cold and wet weather will have an impact on our exercise regimes.

Being faced with gailforce winds, torrential rain and possibly snow can make even the fittest athletes rethink their daily jog in the local park.

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Even spending your evening sat in front of the fire seems far more attractive than getting caught in the cold on your way to your yoga class.

But there is a solution; you can bring the gym and your weekly cardio session to your home.

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There are plenty of ways to maximise your home workout through using a skipping rope to get your heart pumping, dumbbells to work on those muscles and a yoga mat to decompress and stretch. And a bonus? You don’t have to break the bank.

We’ve hunted down some of the best at-home gym equipment to use that are under £20 so you can keep up your fitness routine throughout the winter.

Kettlebell - 8kg | £19.99 | Shop now

Why choose: One Argos customer wrote: “Nice and compact, easy to grip design and material - the curve in the middle means I can also grip it between my legs. Doesn’t hurt my wrist like some other kettle bells, and is smaller than others I’ve tried. Bought the 6, 8 & 10 kg bells and will soon be investing in more from the range either to double up or increase weight. Great purchase.”

Elgary Exercise Skipping Rope Set | £9.56 | Shop now

Why choose: One happy Amazon customer said: “The hand grip strengthener are exactly the tension that I wanted and very comfortable foam grips. My hands don't slip. They are fine for me, the price is right. Skipping Rope is super easy to adjust and high quality in performance. Highly recommend for anyone that wants to add a jump rope to their gym bag!”

Joe Wicks Lean in Fifteen Workouts | £7.99 | Shop now

Why choose: One customer wrote: “Bought this for my husband who is returning to exercise. He has started with level one and is gradually moving up the levels - the levels are very well set and the warm ups/downs are very good.”

Adidas Yoga Mat | £18.99 | Shop now

Why choose: One shopper said: “Fantastic for yoga or pilates. It's size is great for my height (I'm 5f2). Quite a few mats are slippery but this is a perfect non-slip mat. Looks stylish and easy to carry around. The 4mm depth ensures it's comfy to do poses on but firm enough to support more complex moves and positions. I highly recommend this mat, also great value when I purchased this.”

UMI Swiss Ball | £12.99 | Shop now

Why choose: One customer said: “Takes a while to inflate but stays inflated really well. I used this for my pregnancy to bounce on and worked perfectly.”

Domyos Cross Training Push-Up Bars | £4.99 | Shop now

Why choose: One happy customer wrote: “The bars are perfect for me. Can do static push-ups at varied angles, rolling pushups, use them as an ab roller and mountain climbers for my core. Excellent product with varied exercises that add an extra dimension to my current home gym weights session.”

GM Unisex Door Gym | £12.49 | Shop now

Why choose: One Amazon customer said: “Been using this every day since I got it and theres been a noticeable difference. The bar is also extremely strong and sturdy and has not marked the doorframe or wall above the door in any way at all (and I have painted them both white so I'd notice immediately) brilliant bar you can just back away after use and it wont damage your home.”