Ben Fogle sparks controversy after using his sister-in-law's breast milk to cure his eye infection

Breast milk has some surprising benefits [Photo: Getty]
Breast milk has some surprising benefits [Photo: Getty]

Ben Fogle has revealed a somewhat unlikely cure for an eye infection – his sister-in-law’s breast milk.

The benefits of breast milk for feeding a baby have long been flouted, but as Ben Fogle has recently discovered the white stuff has some other, more surprising, plus points!

The 43-year-old TV adventurer took to his 285,000 Twitter followers to reveal that when he was struck down with an eye infection his wife Marina convinced him to give her sister’s breast milk a try.

“OMG my wife has just put her sister’s breast milk in my eye to cure an infection,” he wrote.

Ben Fogle tried his sister in law's breast milk to cure an eye infection [Photo: PA]
Ben Fogle tried his sister in law’s breast milk to cure an eye infection [Photo: PA]

Having noticed his tweet some parents were quick to offer their encouragement for the breast milk remedy.

“Yes it’s an old remedy, let us know if it’s worked,” one user wrote.

“Breast milk is full of all sorts of amazing stuff! It’s a great cure for loads of things. Hope it works for you!” added another.

And turns out the borrowed breast milk had the desired effect as the TV star later revealed:

“Update on the eye. I’m going in for more breast milk.”

But while some were all in favour of the old-fashioned remedy, others weren’t so sure.

“Isn’t it like using pee to clean a wound? Like it has to be your own?” one user wrote.

“WTF” added another.

“A tad worried! Bodily fluids and all that!” a woman voiced.

“Someone get Jeremy Kyle on the phone, now!”

Aside from the concerns, there is actually some scientific evidence that backs up the fact that breast milk can help cure eye infections. According to some studies breast milk has been proven to be an effective treatment of conjunctivitis and other eye infections in newborns.

And the anecdotal evidence on parenting sites certainly suggests there’s something in it. Mums who’ve tried the treatment suggest a couple of drops of breast milk in the eye will help clear up infections more speedily. “Breast milk has been used by mothers (probably for many years) to treat infectious conjunctivitis,” Debbi Donovan, a board certified lactation consultant, told iVillage.

But, though there certainly seems to be some truth in the breast milk remedy health professionals suggest holding off trying it for yourself until you’ve spoken to your GP or health visitor.

Curing eye infections is just one of the breast milk benefits [Photo: Getty]
Curing eye infections is just one of the breast milk benefits [Photo: Getty]

A potential cure of eye infections isn’t the only unusual use for breast milk either. Parents have been taking to social media to share homemade recipes for breast milk skin lotions that could help clear a baby’s skin of irritations and infections such as eczema.

And over in Singapore, handmade soap company, Lullabelle, custom makes breast milk lotion and soap for mums and babies who send them samples of their milk. Manufacturers claim the nutrients in breast milk could help benefit sensitive skin and soothe skin irritations such as eczema.

And according to The Telegraph, breast milk can also be used in cooking with one New York restaurateur swearing by – deep intake of breath – breast milk cheese.

Think we’ll stick with the Brie thanks.

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