Breastfeeding during sex: Is it ever OK?

A vlogger has been forced to defend herself after admitting to breastfeeding while having sex [Photo: Instagram/spiritualtashamama]
A vlogger has been forced to defend herself after admitting to breastfeeding while having sex [Photo: Instagram/spiritualtashamama]

A YouTube vlogger has defended herself against critics who attacked her for admitting to breastfeeding her baby while having sex.

Tasha Maile is a vegan, ‘spiritual mama’ who has been a positive voice speaking out against stigmatising breastfeeding and trying to normalise the act for mums everywhere.

But, though she’s often been praised for her encouraging stance, one of her YouTube clips has drawn criticism from other parents.

In the short video she mentioned that she’d had lots of people ask her about breastfeeding while being intimate, and went on to reveal that she had tried it once.

Cue, uproar!

“Breastfeeding your children is great. Sex is also great. Having sex WHILE your child is nursing is f***ing creepy!” one user wrote in the comments section. “I don’t care what anyone says. How can you be turned on when your child is nursing…?! I agree with her that sex is important and natural but come on not while you are feeding your baby! Wait a few minutes!”

“Where is your mind exactly when having intercourse and breastfeeding at the same time?” another woman added.

“I wouldn’t want my children to be watching me and my husband make love. That’s extremely personal,” another commentator wrote.

The backlash the original clip created was such that Tasha felt she needed to post a second video clarifying the situation and defending her actions.

Responding to her critics she says, “First of all, if you actually listen to the video it’s talking about how my three month old would not allow me to put him down at all,” she says.

“He was attached to me 24/7 and he was also using me as a [dummy] at night.”

Tasha goes on to clarify that the baby was very much asleep at the time and unaware of what was going on.

“We did it while he was sleeping next to me or on me, it had nothing to do with my child, my child was not in the act of what we were doing, he was not involved in it, he was there, sleeping,” she says.

“Sex is a beautiful thing,” she explains, “we are all feeling beings, we love sex.”

And after posting the second video many fans were quick to step in and defend Tasha’s breastfeeding while having sex stance.

“I have breastfed my daughter while having sex when she was younger. She was stuck to me like glue and after having a new baby sex was the only thing keeping my sanity. So yes I had sex while nursing at night,” one woman wrote.

“My first son was the same way when I was breastfeeding it happens! That’s what a baby needs his mama, and our babies are used to hearing our hearts beating. Some people’s minds are just not in the right spot!” agreed another

“I think everyone holds a sleeping baby while doing things kinda impossible not too….Hey, when you have kids you just gotta do whatever works,” another fan added.

What do you think about having sex while breastfeeding?

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