The best time-saving beauty products for you to try out in 2014

The bad news? March isn't far off, and at the end of that month, we lose an hour of our lives.

The good news? A rush of companies have recently launched products which give a whole new meaning to the term "two in one," and we've got the low down on these time-saving miracle workers.

1)    Co-washes

We've all heard of two-in-one hair products but the co-wash takes it to the next level.

Palmers' Co-wash (£5.99, is one of the first co-wash products to launch in the UK, while Ojon will launch a "cleansing conditioner" in April, and Herbal Essences have recently launched a co-wash in the US.

So what exactly does a co-wash do? Co-washes are also commonly referred to as cleansing conditioners, and they were initially created for people with curly or frizzy hair.

In theory, co-washes allow people to "wash" their hair with a conditioner instead of a shampoo.

However, hair still needs regular cleanses with a normal shampoo, but co-washes are ideal to use in between, and are especially suitable for those with sensitive scalps.

2) Multi-purpose make-up brushes

Brushes are also experiencing somewhat of a multipurpose make-over. Smashbox's new Telephoto make up brush (£39, available nationwide from the end of April) has been designed to create three very different finishes.

One click results in a dense brush, ideal for buffing and blending foundation, while two clicks creates a looser brush, designed for medium coverage.

Three clicks and you'll get a full, loose brush, perfect for adding finishing touches to either liquid or powder foundation, and for creating an airbrushed, flawless finish.

3) Time-saving nail prep

In our busy, busy lives, removing nail polish can be a time-consuming nightmare, and removing polish on the go doesn't help either, because more often than not the end result is a bottle of nail polish remover-soaked fellow passenger, car seat or dress.

For this reason, we're especially excited about Butter London's Scrubbers (£10, Boots), two-in-one nail polish remover and nail prep wipes.

The best bit however, is the packaging. Each wipe comes in an individual, handbag-friendly sachet, and the super-tough wipes are designed not to tear.

4) Dual-purpose hair brushes

It's not just make up brushes which have had the multi-purpose treatment - hair brushes, have, too.

The new battery-powered Babyliss Brilliant Shine Ionic Brush (£30, features an ionic generator which releases conditioning ions directly into the hair, thereby reducing frizz and static.

While it sounds incredibly hi-tech, several other brands have recently launched similar brushes and the Babyliss version is already receiving rave reviews.

The L'Oreal Professionnel Steampod (£125 doesn't just straighten hair, but banishes frizz, too, thanks to a nifty little water filtration system which delivers a high-pressure blast of steam, thereby hydrating hair and minimising damage.

The effect of the steam is most notable in the high-gloss finish - the steam infuses hair with moisture while smoothing the cuticles and the result is a salon shine and super soft locks.

5) Skincare saviours

Multipurpose skincare products have been around since the dawn of time, but this year, there's a few new offerings worthy of a gold star.

Burt's Bees Baby Bee Petroleum Multipurpose ointment (£8.99, is designed for babies, but perfect for adults, thanks to its ability to instantly soothe away grazes, chapped lips and dry patches.

Lanolips 101 Ointment (£11.22, continues to find its way into the make up bags of some of the top beauty editors, and cult brand Dr Lipp (of the world's best-selling nipple balm!) has recently launched an Original Nipple Balm for lips (£11,

Stila's Multi-Use Moisturising Gel (£28, is a hydrating gel cream which can be used on the lips as well as the rest of the face, and This Works' Deep Sleep Dream Cream (£18, soothes skin whilst an irresistible concoction of essential oils will have you drifting off to the land of nod. If only we weren't losing an hour...

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