Mums delighted by new black Barbie who wears her hair natural and uses a wheelchair to enter Dreamhouse

Lauren Clark
Mattel has created a new black Barbie who wears her hair natural and uses a wheelchair [Image: Mattel]

Barbie dolls have long been slammed for their lack of inclusive body types.

So it is unsurprising many are delighted by creator Mattel’s latest unveiling.

The American toy brand has launched a black Barbie who uses a wheelchair and wears her hair natural.

While a white disabled Barbie was released in the 1990s, this is the first time the company have released a black doll in the same situation.

The new doll uses a special pink ramp to enter her Dreamhouse [Image: Mattel]

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The new product, which is available in the UK for £16.99, also comes with a pink ramp for ease of access to her Dreamhouse.

Mattel ensured the wheelchair she uses s as realistic as possible by working with UCLA Mattel Children’s hospital.

People have rushed to praise the new doll on Twitter.

One person wrote: “I can’t even begin to express how happy I am that more and more young girls are growing up seeing themselves in Barbie.”

Another commented: “And with beautiful Afro puffs!!!!!”

A third shared: “This Barbie also has natural hair.

“I’ve admittedly not kept up on where our gal Barbie’s at these days, but a natural hair black Barbie also seems notable, in addition to positively representing disability.”

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The white wheelchair-using Barbie was eventually discontinued because she could’t access her doll house - and it appears Mattel have taken note.

“The product comes with a ramp to make the play as seamless as possible with current offerings, including the Dreamhouse,’ a spokesperson told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“The wheelchair does not fit with every Barbie accessory currently, but will moving forward.”

It comes as the brand released a hijab-wearing Barbie, as well dolls who reflect ‘real’ body types - unlike their original white, busty, small-waisted counterparts.

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