• British women feel ‘ugly’ from just six years old

    A majority of respondents said not enough is being done to help increase the confidence and self image of young girls in the UK.

  • Mum sick of super-pink short clothes for girls creates own clothing line

    A breath of fresh air in the world of girls' clothing.

  • Why we're raising our sons as feminists

    Never was there a word more likely to insight controversy than the F-word. No not that F-word, I’m talking about feminism. Mention the fact that you’re a feminist and some people will automatically assume that means you’re anti-male. But it isn’t about burning your bra or wanting to live in a man-free bubble, feminism is about equality. Just ask Emma Watson.

  • Is This Lena Dunham’s First 'Cool’ Outfit in Nearly 2 Decades?

    Lena Dunham attends TimesTalks: a final farewell to the cast of HBO’s Girls at NYU Skirball Center on February 1, 2017 in New York City. Lena Dunham reached a major milestone on Wednesday night: looking “cool” for the first time in 17 years — at least, according to Jemima Kirke. Rocking her new ombre hairdo, Dunham paired a blue and black crop top with a black midi mesh skirt.

  • Transgender children will now be able to join the Girl Guides

    For the first time in the group’s 107-year-history transgender children and leaders will be welcomed into the organisation. In a move to support anyone who identifies as a girl or woman, new guidelines from Girlguiding have been sent out to all leaders stating that children from the age of five can join Rainbows, Brownies and Girl Guides if they identify as female. Previously transgender children have been able to attend Girlguiding, but parents would have had to speak to leaders on an individual basis. This is the first time the organisation has created an official policy on the subject.

  • Schools are being told to abandon the terms 'boys' and 'girls' but is it a gender equality move too far?

    The Mail on Sunday reported earlier this week that children in schools up and down the country are to be told to stop using the term ‘boys’ and ‘girls’. The guidance, being sent out to teachers, parents and pupils as young as seven, advises against the terms because of fears it discriminates against transgender children, leaving them feeling isolated. Instead children will be encouraged to use terms such as ‘genderqueer’ and ‘intersex’ by a new guidebook, which will be distributed to 120 schools around the UK next month.

  • More Than A Quarter Of A Million Girls In The UK Are Unhappy

    The Children’s Society’s yearly study into children’s wellbeing has found there is a growing gap in happiness between boys and girls, and that girls are less happy than they used to be. The proportion of 10-15 year-old girls who are unhappy with their lives as a whole has risen from 11% to 14% in five years, while boys’ happiness has stayed the same at 11%.

  • Does Raising Girls Really Cost More Than Raising Boys?

    A new survey has shown that British parents reckon they spend more on their daughters than they do on their sons. 

  • Mum’s Brilliant Post Defending Her Son’s Right To Wear Nail Varnish Is Going Viral

    Devon Berryann’s son likes to wear nail polish and girls’ clothing, including tutus. Taking to her Facebook to share a picture of her little boy wearing a tutu, Devon penned an open letter with the hope of encouraging people to be more accepting.

  • Publisher issues apology after outrage over body-shaming swimsuit article

    Swimsuit issues can be tough for magazines. Figuring out how to promote cute pieces for the season without making any suggestive or judgey comments about body image isn’t always easy. While some magazines manage to get it right, others aren’t so lucky and quickly learn about it the hard way: through the wrath of the Internet.

  • This School’s Friendship Workshops Teach Girls How To Deal With ‘Toxic’ Cliques

    Intense teenage friendships can be the stuff of heart eyes and scrapbooks full of precious memories but it doesn’t take much for them to descend into quasi-bullying and burn books. 

  • Woman Defends Her Son’s 'Girly’ Socks, Sparks Important Gender Identity Discussion

    When Shona Campbell asked three-year-old, Harry which socks he wanted to wear for nursery that day, he chose his favourite pair patterned with love hearts. Taking to her Facebook page last week, the young mum wrote a heartfelt post supporting her son’s right to wear whatever he wanted.

  • Is It OK for Little Girls to Dabble in Makeup?

    I did something against my better judgment recently: I brought home a Pür Minerals Cinderella-themed makeup palette (above) for my 7-year-old daughter. Related: How Kim Kardashian’s Naked Selfie ‘Movement’ Is Hurting Girls At first I told her no way.

  • The Victoria's Secret Angels Are Such Good Friends, They Know Whose Butt Is Whose

    Forget Taylor’s squad, the Victoria’s Secret Angels are the ultimate sorority. Leading up to the show they eat, sleep, train, breathe, and talk about wings together. Or, at least, that’s how we imagine it goes. The point is, come the big day, these girls know each other better than anyone, which is why our own Rob Younkers put them to the test backstage. Sure they could ID Naomi or Adriana on the runway, but what if they couldn’t see the face of their partner-in-million-dollar-bras?

  • Lena Dunham’s Little Sister Freed the Nipple at New York Fashion Week

    Photo: IMAXTree You might not have heard of Eckhaus Latta, an indie label which started in 2011 and has heralded pansexual fashion, but you’ve certainly heard of one of the models who walked in the Spring 2016 show. Grace Dunham, sister of Lena Dunham, made her runway debut on Monday.  The poet and actress, who will appear in Lena’s critically acclaimed show Girls on HBO this upcoming season, was chosen alongside a crew of professionals and non-models to show the brand’s dresses and tops with innovative cutouts, inventive silhouettes, and shirts and skirts using very thin fabric.  Dunham was selected as one the lucky stars because she’s friends with designers Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta, both Rhode Island School of Design alumnus.

  • Gallery: The girls of the Geneva motor show

    We would usually insert some crass pun here about how the Geneva motor show presents 'hot new models' to the world on a yearly basis, or how it is the best place to see 'well-proportioned body shapes' but we won't. It

  • Girls of the Tokyo Motor Show

    Among the high tech launches and downright certifiably insane concept cars, one motor show standard remained at Tokyo this year – the

  • Paris motor show: The Paris show girls

    The cars weren't the only models on show in Paris yesterday - it has become something of a tradition for manufacturers to keep their cars warm at motor shows by draping attractive young women over them. We have judiciously documented this

  • Detroit showgirls gallery

    Clearly worried that the assembled metal would fail to wet the public's insatiable appetite for glamour, the world's automotive manufacturers had the foresight to pay hundreds of attractive young women to linger in the Cobo Arena and

  • SEMA 2009: Girls, Part Two

    Apart from souped-up cars, the SEMA Show in Las Vegas has, of course, the hottest girls of any motor show in the world. Some of the girls' body bits are far superior to any of the cars. This is Part 2 of Motor Show Girls in Las