Why dance classes could help new parents bond with their baby

During those first few months, or the “fourth trimester” as it’s often referred to, bonding with your baby is one of your primary focuses.

Learning their likes and dislikes, spending quality time with them and making sure they have everything they need is a big part of your role as a new parent.

According to dance expert and owner of Latino Bambino, Urska Gestrin, dancing is a great way to bond with your baby - not to mention its numerous other benefits.

It’s hard not to feel happier when you put a bit of music on and shimmy around the lounge, and with added health benefits, it’s a no brainer.

Dancing is a great way to bond with your children. (Getty Images)
Dancing is a great way to bond with your children. (Getty Images)

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“Dancing has multiple benefits,” Gestin explains. “From fitness to bonding with your baby. It helps restore your abdominal and pelvic floor health as well as providing some happy hormones.

“As you know, music, dancing and having fun in a baby-friendly, social environment is all good for your mental health and wellbeing.”

We’re sold.

Just because we can’t actively join classes at the moment due to the coronavirus, it doesn’t mean we can’t try out some moves at home with our babies and toddlers.

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To give this a go at home you’ll need a baby carrier to put your baby in. If you’re pregnant, it’s still possible to join in but be a little bit more cautious with hip movements, Gestin explains.

She suggests getting warmed up with a march to Latin music; which is an instant mood booster for you and your baby.

“Engage your tummy, pull your tummy in and rock in your hips,” the dancer begins.

The moves that the baby dance expert has put together are all ones that can be done in a lounge at home and have - as the name suggests - a Latin, fun flair to them.

She recommends practicing it weekly for optimal results.

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Baby or not, the health benefits of dancing are vast.

Bupa has analysed 23 different studies on dance therapy and found that it is scientifically proven to boost your quality of life as well as lower feelings of depression and anxiety.

With the ability to burn over 400 calories per hour doing certain types of dance, it’s also a great way to keep fit with the added benefit of a bit of socialisation for both you and your baby.

It seems we all need a bit of Latin dancing in our lives.