The new baby name trends to look out for

A baby name expert has shared what the newly-released list of the most popular 100 monikers reveals about parents' picks and why some trends have fallen out of favour.

The data from the Office of National Statistics found that Olivia and Noah held onto the baby naming top spot as England and Wales' most popular choices for newborns.

Figures reveal there were 4,586 babies called Noah in 2022 (the most recent statistics released), marking its second year in top spot, with 3,289 Olivias - making it the most popular name for girls for the seventh year in a row.

Amelia, Isla, Ava and Lily made up the rest of the top five for girls - with Isabella rising four places to ninth, pushing Willow to 11th.

Muhammad, George, Oliver and Leo complete the top five for boys - with Leon, Elias, Musa, Axel and Ibrahim all new entries in the top 100.

Mum and baby walking in nature. (Getty Images)
Nature inspired baby names are proving popular with parents. (Getty Images)

SJ Strum, 43, a professional baby name consultant and mum-of-three, has shared hew own expert take on the lists, revealing that the new data shows we're going through a "baby name boom" with parents swapping traditional names for something more unique.

Strum says mums and dads-to-be are increasingly shunning well-known monikers and are instead opting to think outside the box, or make up their own name for their new arrivals.

The typically popular Harry has dropped out out of the top ten, which Strum believes could be a reflection of Prince Harry taking a step back from royal duties and leaving the UK.

Meanwhile, the Duke of Sussex's son's name, Archie, is no longer high-ranking either.

For girls, Strum says the typically popular traditional British names such as Daisy, Alice, Isabelle, Imogen and Sophie have all slipped down the list as they start to fall out of favour.

But there are some alternative trends emerging with names linked to nature - including Meadow, Flora, Winter, River and Skye rising in popularity - which Strum says shows parents are being more creative.

"Parents want to find a name with unique personality that reflects their own style, passions and interests and will allow their child to stand out as they move through life," Strum says of the newly released statistics.

"We no longer raise our children as ‘mini me's'."

Baby with a cap on. (Getty Images)
'Upcycled dad' monikers are proving popular with parents. (Getty Images)

Strum says instead of opting for names passed down for generations, "modern parents are throwing out the traditional name rule book and seeking a name that is meaningful, evokes their own style and feels uniquely theirs."

Speaking about the rise of monikers inspired by the great outdoors she says: "They evoke a freedom and outdoorsy lifestyle that modern parents want when raising children in a tech-heavy world.

"Back to a playful and wholesome childhood."

Celestial names such as Lyra, Aurora, Ayla and Nova are also "a stand-out trend" - reflecting the recent "fashion for spiritual development".

"We look to the stars and encourage our girls to reach to them," Strum adds.

Another big trend, she says, is "upcycled dad names", with parents-to-be opting for a modern twists on traditional boys' names.

Examples include Luca, a variation of Luke, Hudson, a modernisation of Harry, Otis to replace Chris, Axel replacing Alex and Elias, a variation of Elliot.

"These variations show a more playful and gentle way of raising our boys that is still timeless," she explains.

Babies sitting together. (Getty Images)
The most popular baby names list has been revealed and there are some new trends emerging. (Getty Images)

Across the board, 'O' names are also still proving popular - with Ottilie, Ophelia, Oakley and Otis all trending in the top 100.

While soon to be parents have typically looked to celebrity picks and most popular lists for inspiration, Strum says they are now looking elsewhere for their baby naming options.

This, she says, will create "a much more eclectic and spirited group of names for the next generation".

  1. Olivia

  2. Amelia

  3. Isla

  4. Ava

  5. Lily

  6. Ivy

  7. Freya

  8. Florence

  9. Isabella

  10. Mia

  1. Noah

  2. Muhammad

  3. George

  4. Oliver

  5. Leo

  6. Arthur

  7. Oscar

  8. Theodore

  9. Theo

  10. Freddie

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