Ashley Graham praised for showing unshaven armpit hair in naked photo

Ashley Graham has been praised for sharing an image showing off her natural armpit hair, pictured at Milan Fashion Week in September. (Getty Images)
Ashley Graham has been praised for showing her armpit hair, pictured here at Milan Fashion Week in September. (Getty Images)

Ashley Graham has marked her 33rd birthday by sharing a selfie in the bath while totally rocking her unshaven armpits.

The model celebrated her special day, on Friday 30 October, by heading off on a getaway with her family. She posted snapshots of the break to Instagram on their return.

In amongst the idyllic pictures which captured Graham hiking with her husband of 10 years, Justin Ervin, and their nine-month-old baby, Isaac, the mum-of-one also shared a candid snapshot of her enjoying a luxurious soak in the bath.

The body positivity advocate looked incredible in the candid shot, which saw her extending her arm to reveal her unshaven armpit, which caught the eye of many admiring commenters.

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Graham also took the opportunity to remind her American followers to vote, captioning the series of images: “Perfect bday with my boys (and if you didn’t vote yet, get out there tomorrow folks!!)”

While many of Graham’s fans used the comments to wish her a happy birthday, others praised the model for proudly showing off her armpit hair.

“Love how you’re rocking that under hair girl,” one fan wrote. “We’re all human, people need to stop expecting us to live up to a standard.”

“Yesssss! Part of the women with long armpit hair crewwww,” another added.

“I think we all may be jealous that we didn’t think of No Shave November too! Rock it, mama!”

Others shared their own preference for ditching the razor.

“I like to grow my hair in sometimes too,” one wrote.

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Of course, with the picture being shared on social media, a few couldn’t resist adding some negative thoughts about the model’s body hair, but her fans were quick to step in and defend her right to dare to bare.

“It’s pathetic that this many people are throwing a fit over hair,” one person wrote. “Oh what it must be like to have such a simple life that you have time to be concerned with someone else’s hair.”

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This isn’t the first time Graham has been open about her body hair choices, earlier this year she revealed she’d been growing out her armpit hair during quarantine.

While staying in the basement of her mother’s home, the model revealed her beauty routine was a little less glamorous than some might assume.

“It has been full-on sweatpants,” Graham said on Today with Jenna & Hoda, lifting up her arm to the camera to show her armpit hair.

“I'm lucky if I put a bra on in the morning,” she continued. “I haven’t shaved my armpits in I don't know how long. My mother is fully disgusted with that by the way, but it’s just - things don't matter anymore.”

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Since giving birth to her son earlier this year, Graham has become an advocate for helping mums have the confidence to embrace their post-pregnancy bodies.

Opening up about everything from breastfeeding to her post-birth healing journey, the 33-year-old has been praised for helping other mums celebrate their bodies, stretch marks and all.

Sharing a video of her cupping her hands in the shape of a heart over the stretch marks on her stomach, Graham showed the silvery marks some love by captioning the post with every coloured heart on her emoji keyboard.

Fans rushed to the comments section to thank the body positive ambassador for offering a reminder to new mums that they are beautiful no matter how their bodies may have changed.

Graham was also been praised back in July for starring in a swimwear photoshoot in which her postpartum stretch marks were proudly on display.

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