Ariana Grande shares brain scan showing PTSD impact from Manchester Arena bombing

Caroline Allen
The Manchester Arena attack triggered the singer’s PTSD. [Photo: Getty]

Ariana Grande was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after the Manchester Arena attack in 2017. Since then the singer has been open and honest about her mental health to her millions of followers.

A recent photo, which she shared on Instagram Stories, shows the clear impact that her PTSD has had on her brain.

The Instagram Story post showed three brain scan images. The first two offered up a comparison between a “healthy brain” and a “PTSD brain”.

The third showed a scan of Grande’s brain. Her brain is clearly more aligned with the PTSD image she posted.

Ariana Grande’s Instagram Story shows the similarities between her brain and a “PTSD brain”. [Image: Ariana Grande, Instagram Story]

She describes the image as “hilarious and terrifying” before adding, “not a joke”.

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She was diagnosed with PTSD a few months after a man walked into the Manchester Arena and detonated a bomb which killed 22 people and injured many more.

Signs and symptoms of PTSD

PTSD presents itself in many different ways. Some people will suffer a period of symptom remission, whereas others will unrelenting symptoms.

According to the NHS, signs include:

  • Flashbacks and nightmares
  • Repetitive and distressing images or sensations
  • Physical sensations such as pain, sweating, feeling sick or trembling
  • Feeling ‘on edge’
  • Avoidance

Other mental health problems can arise as a result of PTSD.

In an interview with Vogue, Grande spoke about her longer-term experience with anxiety saying her “anxiety has anxiety”.

She went on to say, “I’ve always had anxiety. I’ve never really spoken about it because I thought everyone had it, but when I got home from tour it was the most severe I think it’s ever been.”

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Her huge fanbase often speaks out about how proud of her they are for being so open about her mental health.

One fan wrote on Instagram: “Your strength gives us strength.”

Another wrote: “You’re so strong and you keep a lot of other people from giving up as well.”

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