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Snap up Argos's heated clothes airer while it's only £44

heated clothes airer
Argos is selling a heated clothes airer for under £50. (Argos / Yahoo Life UK)

Getting your hands on a space-saving, cost-efficient heated clothes airer might not sound like the most exciting purchase you'll make, but it sure is a clever one. In recent years, they've been the talk of the town thanks to their money-saving, time-effective capabilities. Most notably, rising in popularity due to the UK's ongoing cost-of-living crisis, as heated airers cost a lot less to run than a tumble dryer, helping to reduce your household energy usage.

While heated airers are often over the £100 price point, Argos's Heated Electric Indoor Clothes Airer comes in at a lot more affordable and reduced cost of £44, down from £55.

Plus, it boasts over 1,000 five-star reviews, with 82% of shoppers saying they'd recommend the product.

🛍️ Product on sale: Argos Home 11.5m Heated Electric Indoor Clothes Airer
💰 Best deal we've found: Now £44 down from £55
⭐ Average star rating: 4.2 out of five
🛒 Reasons to buy: Cost-effective, fast at drying clothes, good for keeping up with laundry

This affordable heated clothes airer offers 11.5m of drying space.

£44 at Argos

The last time we spotted a heated clothes airer as low-cost and highly-rated as this was when Aldi dropped a very affordable £39.99 version in 2021. But since Aldi has now closed its online shop, the only chance you have of bagging one that cheap is if you're lucky enough to find it in store (which, let me tell you, is a mission).

Not to worry though, as this pick from Argos is equally as good, if not better. In fact, we have a feeling this smart home gadget will likely sell out soon, especially at this price.

Why we rate it

With a generous 10kg weight capacity for drying, this airer comes with individual heated bars to help speed up the drying process by gently warming the sections of fabrics that are in immediate contact them.

It's a game-changer that will help your washing dry faster in the colder months. Some shoppers even say it helped to heat up their homes as well, which is an added bonus.

Argos recommends items are rotated on the bars to aid the drying of all parts of the garments. Meanwhile, some shoppers have said they prefer to fold clothes and place them on top, moving them around as they dry on one side.

Heated clothes airer drying clothes located next to a washing machine.
This cost-effective heated clothes airer from Argos has rave reviews. (Argos)

£44 £55 at Argos

A way to ensure your clothes dry effectively and speedily is to buy an airer cover. While some heated airers do come with a cover included, this Argos design doesn't — however you can easily pick one up on Amazon for as little as £12.99.

Once your clothes have finished drying, the airer can be quickly folded flat for convenient storage, even if you're short on space.

If that wasn't all, the airer even comes with a one year guarantee, should you experience any issues.

What the reviews say

Gathering over 1,000 five-star reviews, with 82% of shoppers recommending the product, it's rated an impressive 4.2 out of five stars.

The majority of customers describe it as a good product, that does "exactly what’s advertised."

  • "Must have for British weather. Can get a load dried in a day. Best to move and fold the clothes to maximise drying efficiency."

  • "My neighbour has one and basically uses it to maintain a decent level of warmth without using the stupid expensive storage radiators. I've found it does a fantastic job of drying clothes AND helps me stay warm. Folds up very nicely when not in use, too. Very nice design."

  • "This is an excellent dryer. Better to lay garments, towels and bedding over the bars not on the individual bars. Dries much better this way. Running cost very cheap, 4p an hour! Would not be without it."

  • "Wish I had bought sooner. It costs little to run so I leave it next to a hot radiator and apply a cover over airer and it’s amazing how much clothing I can get dried indoors without using my tumble dryer."

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