Annabel Scholey reveals exciting new update on The Split – exclusive

Annabel Scholey smiling in a polka dot dress.

Annabel Scholey is a busy woman these days! After wrapping series three of The Split last year, the actress has landed the lead role in Paramount+'s upcoming drama series, The Serial Killer's Wife.

Cast as Beth Fairchild – the wife of beloved local doctor, Tom (played by Jack Farthing), an increasingly paranoid Beth is confronted with the harrowing reality that she may have married a monster.

Annabel Scholey as Beth in The Serial Killer's Wife
Annabel Scholey as Beth in The Serial Killer's Wife (Paramount+)

Intrigued? Ahead of the show's release on Friday 15 December, Annabel chatted to HELLO! about The Serial Killer's Wife, and she also teased some exciting news about The Split. Click the video below to watch our full interview...

Asked about the possibility of another installment of The Split, Annabel couldn't help but smile as she delivered a surprising update. "I don't know whether there will be another series but there are talks about it which is just amazing because every time we do that job, it's like going on holiday with a family," she said.

"It's one of those special groups of people. It would be nice – I love Nina, I love playing Nina and all her craziness."

The cast of The Split
Annabel would love to reprise the role of Nina in The Split (BBC)

In March 2022, series creator, director and writer Abi Morgan explained her reasons for concluding The Split with a third and final season, telling the BBC: "I always intended it to be this three-arc structure, that was about the legacy of a marital split that permeates Hannah's life, and then that triggers her own split within her own relationship, and then subsequent split in her marriage."

She added: "I think it's like the end of any good relationship, it's conflicted! I feel really happy and proud and excited to be showing this final series."

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While nothing's set in stone, the prospect of another chapter of The Split is certainly an exciting one, and Abi herself told Radio Times that the BBC would have loved it if they'd made more seasons.

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Last year, Annabel's co-star, Nicola Walker recalled how "difficult" it was saying goodbye to both her character and her on-screen family, so we're hoping she's keen to return too! "I'm going to miss my imaginary, pretend Defoe family, very much," she told the BBC.

Nicola Walker, Fiona Button and Annabel Scholey at a BBC event
Nicola Walker found it "difficult" to say goodbye to The Split after three seasons (Getty)

"It was very difficult filming the last few scenes with Deb [Finlay], Fiona [Button] and Bel [Scholey] because in between takes we were saying, 'That's the last time I'm going to be your sister, or you're going to be my mother'. We were feeling it very, very deeply!"