Amanda Holden's 9 wellness rules: Pricey facials, lots of sex, and twice-yearly detox holidays

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Amanda Holden's wellness: Facials, sex + detoxes Instagram / Getty

A new series of Britain's Got Talent is in production, which can only mean one thing - soon we will be seeing a lot more of Amanda Holden.

The mum-of-two, 52, has been a judge on the ITV talent show since its inception in 2007, dishing out fair critiques and fierce looks in equal measure. And even when she's not on telly, she's setting Instagram alight with sultry selfies, posing in her swimwear, and posting catwalk videos of herself strutting through the Heart studios before her daily breakfast show with Jamie Theakston.

We previously revealed Amanda Holden stays fit with cold water swimming, running and family exercise sessions.

But how does she maintain her all-round glow? Especially when she never seems to stop working? Amanda previously admitted, 'I'm a fan of various creams and potions, too, and lots of water (and wine!), but really I think it’s down to genetics. I’m up for anything, though nothing invasive.'

We needed to know more. So Women's Health delved in to the archives to discover Amanda Holden's wellness rules...

She's a yoga fan

Amanda tragically lost her son when she was pregnant at seven months, and her subsequent pregnancy, with daughter Hollie, was also traumatic.

Healing from her loss, and recovering from her birth trauma led Amanda to yoga.

She said: 'I'm so grateful to my body after what it has been through. I got into yoga because after Hollie was born I'd been on a ventilator and I had a lot of lung problems. Kundalini yoga is all about breathwork, so I took it on to build my strength. A lot of people advised me to do it for calmness, too. I don't really sit still, I'm always on the go.'

She takes lymphatic drainage seriously

Amanda loves sharing her favourite treatments and workouts with fans online, including the time she had a SLIMYONIK fat burning treatment at D. Thomas Specialist Skin Clinic in London.

The treatment - which involves wearing a high-tech jumpsuit called a BodyStyler - delivers a special pressure-wave massage which 'boosts metabolism even in the deeper layers of connective tissue triggering detoxifying processes and allowing waste and fat deposits to be broken down, washed out and eliminated'. It's described as painless, and akin to 'twenty hands massaging you'.

Each 45-minute treatment costs around £150, and a course of four is recommended.

She's vegetarian

Amanda has previously described her diet as being rich with 'avocado, chickpeas, and quinoa salads'. She proudly doesn't restrict any food groups from her diet, and for a heartbreaking reason.

She told the Daily Mail: 'You have to enjoy life. I had a friend once who didn't make it to her 50s and her biggest regret was that she spent her life on a diet. I think a little bit of everything is fine.

'Life's too short to do fat-free, sugar-free, alcohol-free. I don't believe in half-fat anything, I have full-fat yoghurt, butter and cheese. And I splurge on the weekends. I love wine.'

She detoxes on wellness holidays

Amanda told the Daily Mail that she goes to a fitness retreat every year before Britain's Got Talent starts filming so she looks and feels her best - and no doubt with her notoriously racy, Ofcom-complaint generating outfits in mind.

'I go to a fitness camp in Portugal before the live shows...It’s really good for your mindset, rather like unplugging your computer and plugging it back in.

'There are an awful lot of people who watch BGT so I want to look the best I can. Alesha Dixon is the same. BGT is like going into the boxing ring. You train for it. You look your best for it and then you do the rounds. But the entire thing only takes up a few weeks. You can’t live like that all the time.’

And in 2019, Amanda jetted off to Turkey for a 10 day detox retreat at TheLifeCo, who have resorts in Bodrum and Antalya, as well as in Phuket, Thailand. With rooms costing around £430 a night, it's a true blending of luxury and wellness.

She told Hello!: 'I try to detox twice a year for health benefits, one of them being before the BGT live shows. I’m used to it now so don’t experience any bad side effects. I really feel a great benefit. My skin glows, eyes are brighter and there is some weight loss but the most important thing is my mental state.'

In one photo Amanda shared from her trip, she looks out to sea sipping on a green juice. One of TheLifeCo's most popular programmes is the green juice detox. They describe it as "one of the most effective detox programs that we offer. What makes green detox unique is super greens rich in chlorophyll. During green detox, you will consume dark leafy greens such as spinach, chard and celery along with alkalizing plants such as lemon, ginger and cucumber throughout the day."

Fresh juice all day in a gorgeous, sunny location with some yoga thrown in? Sounds lush, sign us up!

Medical-grade treatments are a regular part of her routine

She swears by CollagenWave facials. In 2020 she revealed that she had been having the treatments with Nilam Holmes for years, describing the non-invasive treatment as 'smooth[ing] out my has always given me an incredible lift'. She added that she had also undergone Morpheus8 at the the same clinic.

'The other week before filming started on the @bgt live shows, Nilam suggested I try a new natural treatment called Morpheus8 ! The results have been absolutely amazing. I’ve noticed a real plumpness to my skin and it’s much tighter!' she wrote.

CollagenWave is described as a natural alternative to anti-wrinkle injections and fillers, and costs around £130 a session. A course of six is usually recommended.

Morpheus8 is also a big financial investment, with single treatments ranging between £500-£2,000. It combines radio frequency and micro-needling to reduce fine lines and scarring.

One of the reasons that Amanda opts for 'tweakments' rather than surgical intervention is down to a secret medical condition.

She told The Guardian: 'I'd never be able to go under the knife because I have a skin condition which means I overproduce scar tissue, but I'm all for anything to make anyone feel better. If they invent something that doesn't involve a knife I'll definitely be having it in the future. I was quoted as saying I'd never use Botox again – what I actually said was: "Never say never", but I haven't had any for months.'

She takes collagen powder daily

amanda holden revive collagen
Zoe McConnell

Amanda is an ambassador for Revive Collagen, and credits the daily sachet for her glowing skin and glossy locks.

She said: 'I also won’t go without my daily dose of Revive Collagen – it’s my beauty essential which keeps my hair, skin and nails looking and feeling their best. It really helps with the thickness of my hair and strengthening my nails, plus it’s makes my skin more glowy. For me, it’s as obvious as putting on mascara!'

She smears her face with gold (really!)

a person with a face mask
Instagram @NoHoldenBack

During one of her trips to TheLifeCo, Amanda had a Golden Mask Treatment - which despite sounding ridiculously spenny, was actually €90 (about £76). It involves cleansing, ultrasonic exfoliation, massage, an oxygen treatment, plant-based collagen and then the careful placement of the bougie gold mask.

Toxic people are a no-no

Amanda told the Daily Express that one the secrets to her incredible youthfulness is lots of water - and no people pleasing.

She said: 'I drink loads of water because I'm on Heart Breakfast every morning. I don't deny myself anything. I think being happy and confident shines. I've got good people around me, I surround myself with good people, and I put my energy into the people who deserve it. I don't try to people please as much as I did anymore.

'I think all of that really helps you feel confident and helps the glow. If you feel good on the inside you will feel good on the outside.'

It's a similar mantra to one shared by Courtney Cox, who with the help of her therapist, started filtering out people who didn't make her feel good.

She has lots of sex

Amanda isn't shy about opening up about her bedroom antics with husband Chris Hughes. During one appearance on Lorraine, where they were discussing Ann Summers parties, she even admitted that she had a secret stash of sex toys.

She said: 'I think I can say that we all know what we're talking about. It's early morning and there are children at home but everyone's got a magic box in their house, somewhere. Full of everything.'

Amanda has also described her sex life as 'primal' - even after sixteen years of marriage.

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