Amanda Holden mows lawn in wedding dress to keep us all amused during lockdown

Amanda Holden is giving us all the lockdown lols by mowing the lawn in her wedding dress. (Getty Images)
Amanda Holden is giving us all the lockdown lols by mowing the lawn in her wedding dress. (Getty Images)

Amanda Holden has been doing her bit to lift the nation’s spirits during the coronavirus lockdown by sharing a series of videos and photos of her performing everyday tasks in weird and wonderful outfits.

Over the weekend the 49 TV star made the most of the Easter sunshine by slipping into a bikini to mow the lawn, as you do.

And last week, she wowed her 1.4m followers by putting out the bins in a sparkly pink couture gown.

In her latest dress-up-to-do-the-chores post, the TV judge is back mowing the lawn, but this time she’s donned her wedding dress for the occasion.

Taking her lockdown wardrobe to a whole new level slipped into the tight fitting ivory gown she wore to marry husband Chris Hughes in 2008 to whizz round her garden with the mower.

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With Billy Idol’s White Wedding blasting in the background, Amanda cracks on with the mowing while doing plenty of hair flicking.

But aside from potentially wanting to relive her nuptials, the presenter had another reason for donning her wedding dress as she explained in the caption: “Nice day for a good mowing! Hope it puts a smile on your face,” she wrote.

Amanda went on to encourage others to send her videos of the most unusual tasks they can undertake in a wedding dress.

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Needless to say the presenters fan’s were pretty appreciative of her efforts to give everyone a lockdown lol.

“Literally love this. Will get creative,” one user wrote.

“You’ll put Alan Titchmarsh out of a job!” another quipped

“Have officially turned into my mother - my first thought was ‘Grass Stain’,” another user joked.

Sharing Amanda’s jokey sense of humour, one follower quipped: “Loving this casual look,” while another joshed: “Pretty sure it’s what everyone is doing!!”

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It comes after the Britain’s Got Talent judge shared a beaming selfie of her wearing a navy two-piece to mow the lawn on Good Friday.

And a few days earlier she’d rolled her wheelie bin down the drive in a stunning dress by British couture label Jennifer Clair.

Sharing the moment on Instagram, she wrote: “Wheelie wanted to dress up tonight.”

The hilarious post left fans in stitches, and prompted more than 67,000 ‘likes’.

Matt Baker, the former The One Show host, commented: “Bin feeling rubbish wheelie cheered me up.”